Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)


The Clinton 404 president not found still works today.

^ Click that deliberately broken link. :joy:





I feel new memes coming on


I feel like @XwalkerX needs to get in here


a bunch of those arent showing up for me


Same @Onyx_Z32


Odd. Let me try another round:


"Men have a lot on their shoulders meme, what is the connection to Trump?


It’s just social commentary against the patriarchy narrative.




Thanks! I just got called out on Facebook for the Chicago meme. There ARE gun stores AND concealed carry in Chicago!



7 days? Seriously?


Lizzy Warren was in the news today saying she has zero tolerance for people cheating their way into college. I feel like the memes from that hypocrisy alone will be worth the wait.


I’m trying my best to be patient LoL




josh is now fully married (living with wife) so he’s probably not allowed to hang out with us in good conscience anymore


Haha I’ll get back to it.

Some of the memes have sucked recently. Nothing really post worthy.

Consider this the slow time before the election heats up :grimacing:


That was a super disappointing update.