turbo noob need advice...

so my new project is to turbo(8psi) my 1989 prelude si(b20a5)…

here is a list of what im gonna do so far, before i turbo it…

-bigger fuel pump
-bigger injectors

i dont kno anything about turbos, or turboing a car, and i wanna learn…
i feel like i missing some shit to do before the turbo set-up…

what else is there??

and any advice is appreciative…

get a good tune when ur all done

research research research

zerodaze did a thread aboutsizing turbos to your motor and shit, vry informational. but ull also prolly need a fuel pressure regulator, then obviously turbo, manifold, wastegate, downpipe, ic and piping and oil lines

as far as turbos go it depends on wat u wana spend, could get a t25 or t3 off a car that comes turbo from the factory “junkyard turbo” and then have the flange welded to a manifold, or if u want new, you can go with a t3 super 60, t3/t04 or a gt series turbo
the t3 super 60 is gona cost about as much as a t3t04 and prolly have less power potential, but spool faster, a t3t04 will make plenty of power but might take long to spool depending on ur trim and a/r. a gt series will be the best of both worlds but cost around a grand for just the turbo.
i think a t3t04 is your best bet. and saying you wana run 7 psi will b different on different turbos, a t25 off an sr20 wont make nearly as much power as a t3t04 at 7lbs
make and hp goal and expect to end up having to buy alot of extra bullshit

ull also need some type of piggy back system like an safc or to have your ecu chipped to run more fuel and get the most out of your setup

http://www.beesandgoats.com/boostfaq/g2icturbo.html#Turbo merry christmas

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take a look at the stickies matt and i have posted in this forum.

everything you need is in the stickies (i just posted the how to boost one)

i have 550 injectors for sale - that can be ur start

And ive got an adjustable Vortec FMU :wink:

you wont see one of those on a local honda… not if i have any say in the matter.

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nope, i wouldnt let a local honda run that either.

save the injectors for when the turbo is going on, because they arent gonna do anything but force you to retune it now , and then again later when your actualy boosted


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Open source & price have convinced me.

Just curious


In all honesty i like the idea of trying ot be different but i would HIGHLY recommend selling the prelude and taking the $$$ you would save from dumping into that engine and platform( that has next to 0 aftermarket support) and buy and older GSR and do the same thing to it.

Otherwise good luck

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