Turbo people, how do you have you PVC hooked up.

I was recently blowing blue smoke out of my exhaust while letting off the throttle while driving. I would hit 10psi, and then when I would shift it would blow this smoke for about 1-3 seconds. I originally thought this might of been bad turbo seals, but also just thought about my PVC system. I currently have it setup like this:

Intake manifold to crankcase, crankcase back to charge piping, Could this be just oil getting into the charge piping and causing this issue? When I had the PVC system unhooked I never had these issues.

try a catch can

don’t you mean PCV? isn’t PVC a type of plastic piping?

ha ha that’s what I was thinking to

valve cover connected to a catch can then back to intercooler pipes

I used to get the same thing. I only had intake mani to valve cover though. Always on deceleration. No one ever had a great answer for it.

my PCV is shooting out the back of my intake at 7psi


mine shoots back into my intake after my air flow meter


plug them all up, if it still smokes, then at least you know that is your problem

pvc valve removed and a line run into a catch can.

x2… and make sure your catch can has a breather.

for me also?

Should be the same I would think…

PCV removed and running 2 -10an lines.

its real bad to run the Intake mani back into the crank case, your filling your motor up with boost…big nono

On the DSM, I had some issues that I fixed with PCV hollowed out, line into a catch can. Side breather off of the valve cover into same catch can, and then one line back into intake, post MAS.

On the catch can, I had a PCV valve out of the top, to let boost (blowby) out, but under vacuum, it kept closed.

Worked well for me, anyways.