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Check through the 240sxforums DIY section. theres a couple good LED threads.


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Try to find more DIY’s and info on interior stuffs, along with LED mod’s and such.

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S13SR ->S14 1995

stolen from homer_simpson - zilvia;

"Just follow this with a few exceptions

  1. Don’t cut off the wiper motor, and wiper amp from the F3 plug, these are at the correct length for the S14 already.
  2. Don’t build an intermediary harness, it looks like ass anyway.
    sr20.hybrids.jp - Installations - S13 SR20DET Installation Into S14
    Courtesy of dritingisgay.com
  3. Look up Omikron’s thread for supplemental imformation.

Its missing a couple of pictures, but you can figure it out from the description of the plugs. The wiring of an S13 SR into a 95 S14 is pretty much idiot proof if you’re willing.

I used that guide, as well as some info from Wayne (Omikron), and I got the car to turn on at the first attempt. Happy wiring!
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sick ass tutortials used it today to change my tc rods which were beyond blown.
Anyways wonding how to change my z32 brake pads seems simple, but a little reassurance never hurts.


Just wondering if you know of any guide to AC removal KA24de s13


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Wonger- I couldn’t find a tut, follow the SR20 tut though, there pretty identical for the removal


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