Tutorials 240sx HUGE Link List

List taken from Nicoclub, son240 and a few other resources (Thank you Google). I will keep this list updated, if you have any link please post them and I will add it.

NOTE: I am in the process of possibly getting all these tutorials professionally printed in the form of a hard cover 8x11.5" book. I need to know how many people would be interested in one before I get them done. Let me know!

Note: Dont try to scroll and find something, its much easier to use the search feature (ctrl+f)

1989-1998 240sx tutorials (91-94 unless indicated) :

Parts catalog
Service manuals
Things to look for when buying a 240sx

Non-Custom Installs, Modifications + Fixes******************
A/C Removal (KA24E)
Air Regulator
AIV removal(PAIR valve)
Alternator removal Needs work
Antenna Install
Automatic transmission-1991-1994-FSM
Battery terminal replacement
Battery FAQ
Brakes-Bleeder screw
Brakes-replace rear pads
Brakes-replace rear rotors
Brake master cylinder replacement
Brake light
Buying guide-1989-1998
Cam Alignment(1991-1998
Cam Alignment-jim wolf 91-98
Catalytic converter
Cleaning Detailing
Clutch dampener removal
Clutch master cylinder replacement
Clutch Pedal
Clutch slave cylinder replacement
Clutch Throwout bearing
Clutch and flywheel replacmentpictures
Clutch-replacing (no pictures)
Codes: retrieving and reading(1991-1994)
Codes: retrieving & reading(1995-1998
Codes: retieving & reading(1989-90 SOHC)

Code 34 detonation/knock sensor
Compression test methodology
Computer codes: reading
Consult- OBD 1
Control arm-front lower control arm replacement
Coolant system-general
Coolant change
Coolant-Temperature sensor
Crankshaft position sensor
CV boot replacement
Dash removal
Defogger-rear defroster(1989-1998
Detonation sensor/knock sensor
Differential-aftermarket install
Differential oil change
Distributor see Timing
Distributor timing
Dist. timing trouble-shoot
Door-hinge sags Needs work
Door latch troubleshooting(Driver’s door)
Door Panel removal
ECU-serial numbers
ECU- Tuning
Electronic help
Emissions removal-DOHC good article
Engine Removal 1991-98
Engine-Head Job
Engine Build-DOHC
Exhaust manifold removal
Factory service manual-1991-1994
Factory service manual 1989 best
Factory service manual-1989-1990
Factory service manual-1995
Factory service manual-1998
Fan Clutch
Fender brace install
Freeze plug(expansion)
Fuel filter replacement
Fuel injector replacement
Fuel Injector Leak test
Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel Pressure specs(see fuel pressure reg. article 34/43 psi)
Fuel pump install
Fuel Pump install(s14)
Fuel pump Needs work
Fuel pump kill switch
Fuse & Relay Locations
Ground kit

Hatch-water leak
Hatch replacement
Hatch supports/lifts
Headlight troubleshooting
HVAC lights fix
Idle-stalling at stop lights
Idle adjustment
IACV AAC cleaning & electrical trouble-shooting
Ignition lock/switch
Ignition switch replacement
Intake manifold-DOHC good article
Intake manifold SOHC
Intake-AEM install on 1997
Knock sensor/Detonation sensor
Light bulb replacement-dash
Leak down test- FUEL
Light bulb- S14 Climate control
LSD installation
Master cylinder(brake) replacement
Master cylinder brake bleeder kit
Oil pump inspection-SOHC only
Oil Pump-DOHC
Oil Pan Removal
Oil pressure sensor
Oxygen sensor
Paint codes l
Paint restoration DIY
Power steering-hose replacement
Power steering-rebuild for 1995
Power steering pump-removal/replacement
Power steering system-bleeding
Seat upgrade
Seat belt Warranty
Sensor write up
Speed Sensor
Stalling-at stop lights
SR20 setup tips
Starting -hard start when engine warm
Starting-hard start when engine cold
Starter trouble-shooting-Engine won’t turn over
Steering-also see power steering
Steering wheel removal
1990 steering rack replacement
Steering-rack bushing replacement
Steering-Tie rod removal
Steering-tie rod
Steering-tie rod/rack angle
Stereo Faq see radio
Stripped bolt remedy
Stripped bolt remedy
Stud replacement
Subframe bushings
Suspension: Front Struts
Suspension: Rear shocks
Suspensiion-Sway bar end link, Tension control rod, Control arm bushings(all front)
Suspension: front lower control arm replacement
Suspension-Rear ball joint
Suspension-Ball joint replacement video
Suspension-tension control rod
Suspension: Rear sway bar end link

Temperature sensor-coolant
Thermostat replacement (KA24DE)
Throttle position sensor(TPS)
Throwout bearing
Tie rod removal
Timing Light guide
Dist. timing trouble-shoot
Timing Chain Rattle(1991-1998
Timing chain rattle(SOHC)(1989-90)
Timing chain install (SOHC)
Timing chain replacement(SOHC) best
Timing Chain (DOHC) Incomplete
Tire chains
Top Dead Center
Transmission seal
Transmission oil change
Vacuum diagrams
Vacuum Pump Leak
Valve removal/seal replace
Water pump replacement
Water pump(1995-1998
Wheel stud replacement
Wheel stud replacement2
Wheel bearing replacement-rear
Windshield wiper noise fix
Window-repairing amp(1989-1995)
Window-repairing power windows(1996-1998
Window-replace motor 1995-98
Wiring diagrams

CUSTOM INSTALLS********************************
Air intake install
Air Intake install-S14-(AEM)
Air Intake-Custom S14
Battery relocation
Blinking sidemarkers
Boost & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge (S13)
Brake upgrade-240sx to 300zx
Build your own front splitter
Clear bra install
Clutch install
Conversion: What do I need?
Cup holder mod
Door panel recovering
Engine swap (S14 KA24DE into an S13)
Fan-electric wiring
Fan-electric wiring
Fan install-electric for s14
GReddy Turbo Timer FSM (All S-Chassis)
Header Install
Hood pin install
Intake Relocation (S13) KA24DE
LED Dome light DIY
LED Nissan Emblem
LED Tail light conversion
LSD(limited slip differential) install
Mechanical Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge Install
Nitrous oxide-direct port wet kit 1990 240sx
Painting-headlight housing
Pivot headlight controller installation The non-ghetto sleepy eyes
Q45 Ignitor
Radio in glove box DIY
Roll cage install: 5 point Safety21
Sleepy eyes: How to
Sound system install 1995 240sx
Sparco hub/Steering wheel install Write Up (S13)
SR20DET parts cross reference guide
Stubby antenna install
Suspension-coilover conversion
Swap-auto to 5speed s14
Turbo-1989 240sx
Turbo 1990 240sx
Vented Hood DIY
Wheel Offset - How to decide
Willwood clutch master conversion into S14
Z32 MAF Wiring Diagram (Super Simple)

Note: People are just sharing their experience in these articles/tutorials. The authors are not experts. Always refer to factory service manual for safety and expert opinion.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Trusting your life to something you read on the internet is just plain stupid. Get corroboration from a more reliable source, use your common sense, don’t get yourself killed, and don’t come crying to us if you do



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