Tutorials 240sx HUGE Link List


Just added a few articles on changing the master clutch, slave clutch and removal of clutch dampener


NOTE: I am in the process of possibly getting all these tutorials professionally printed in the form of a hard cover 8x11.5" book. I need to know how many people would be interested in one before I get them done. Let me know!


I would def be interested… nice to have a hard copy


S13 5 Lug Conversion DIY Using S14 Bits (Front + Rear)


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Also found another big list of DIY’s.



another stubby antenna install


Hey Scott, here is a link I used for my z32 swap. It’s really good. http://importnut.net/300zxbrakeswap.htm


S13 Chassis Wiring Master List


S13 Power Antenna Fix/Removal



Great links guys, we need some more for the steering system as well as some more custom mods, basically anything you have; send us them!

Feel free to write your own tutorials and post them on SON and I will add them to the list.


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