Twin turbo Diesel for 2014 Mazda 6

This sounds pretty sweet! Coming in the last half of 2014 is said to be a 2.2L twin turbo Mazda 6.

I cant wait to test drive this car and think it actually look pretty damn good. Even the wagon doesnt look to bad, and if that as well comes with the 2.2l, it will be a nice wagon.

What other manufactures right now are producing a diesel car that you can purchase in the states? I know VW and I believe BMW have the cars, not sure about Mercedes… seems the German companies were the main ones, I could be wrong.

And to think this is an automotive forum. I see more posts outside of Automotive than anything on here now. lol

I like the wagon for sure

VW/BMW/Mercedes all have clean diesel cars

I applaud mazda’s anti-hybrid approach. 13:1 compression on 87 octane is pretty impressive and the diesel is just the type of thing we should be making more of too.


It’s also good to see more manufacturers embracing diesel as an option…would love to see more small and midsize cars available with diesel engines

I love the wagon. I might have to buy something new for a change. I love that it’s diesel even more.

As usual though I highly doubt we’ll ever see the diesel.

Bmw 335d Benz 350 (E and S class both availible in diesel) as of 2013 Audi A3, A8, VW Jetta, Passat, Golf

Suv: Jeep Grand cheerokee CDI, Toureg now V6 tdi, Q7 also V6 tdi, X5 3.5d, Benz ML350 and R350 (suv or van??)

I also would be pumped if more companys bring a diesel here as it will lower the price of the others, and make diesel fuel more available. it has all the benefits of a high-breed with none of the downfalls.

Says its coming to the states.

I’m starting to like this car even more now that I saw the photos on here. I’d just go with a different color, but looks great to me.

Boring cars should have diesels, so sweet.

the problem is taxes here make diesel significantly more than gas… I was just in europe a few months ago, diesel is almost 30% less than gas there. Its a no brainer to get a diesel car there even with the greater initial expense vs a gas engine

turbo diesel cars were pretty fun to drive also (rented a few.) just what you would expect, awesome low end and no balls up top. Pretty good for cruising around town

But if you almost double the MPG’s on the fuel that you are paying for gas vs. diesel that is where you are winning.

We bought my wife a TDI Jetta recently, its averaging 40mpg right now, here previous car (mercury mariner) got 20mpg and even with the cost to diesel being a premium over gas currently, she still spends $150 less a month on fuel (18-20K per year she is driving).

Would be nice to have more options and slightly bigger turbo diesel motor choices too. Only problem I see with things is the emissions BS that goes along with clean diesel.

Now I’ve heard with trucks, diesel engines cost a lot more to work on and fix over a gas powered truck. Would this be the case with Diesel cars? I’m assuming due to the compression needed for diesel, but I’m not very well educated with diesel engines. I know the basics of how they run.

i don’t charge anymore to work on a diesel Jetta then a Gasser. they if anything are more simplistic it just takes air and fuel no spark needed.

The diesel is coming! Should see it the second half of 2013. The wagon is yet to be confirmed for the states though.

Everything on a diesel truck is much more heavy duty to pull and haul WTF ever you want. One battery doesn’t go, both do. You need LT tires to haul, 6 if its a dually, ect…

Maks sense.

So why havent automakers come out with more vehicles then where MPG are much better, and torque is there unlike a hybrid. Are there any down falls that come with diesel to which it would turn automakers away?

Simple, consumers aren’t demanding them.

^^Exactly, for people like in Jeller’s case, it makes perfect sense. But if you drive subcompact economy cars, then you can easily pull close to 40MPG (or better on some newer models) without having the pay the diesel premium that we pay in the states. I get 35MPG easily in my 2000 Corolla, so I can’t justify a diesel for only slightly better gas mileage. If I were to upgrade to a larger sedan, then maybe I would consider a diesel but even then there’s hybrids and electrics to be considered.

That being said, I like the looks of the 6, especially that wagon and I’m not a big wagon guy.

A vast majority of people don’t know diesel, so rather than learn about it they just keep buying gas and dealing with shitty prius’s and tell themselfs its the best out there. If this can get around the 50mpg area with decent power I may have to actually buy a new car.

EDIT: For example, a 2012 GSXR1k is at 182 HP and 86 FT-LBS @ 10k plus RPM
They have a diesel sport bike that makes 120hp and 250 ft-lbs on a 450 pound bike. @ 5500 rpm

I hear you there, but what if she was driving a 2.5l jetta instead of the tdi getting somewhere in between 25 and 30 mpg (to make this more apples to apples) with the big bump in initial cost for the diesel it would take quite a while to make that back. and if her miles drop from that 18-20k at some point in the future the savings drop off as well. Plus now you have the turbo and all the complicated clean diesel emmisions parts to worry about long term.

dont get me wrong, I would probably do the same since I enjoy having the “cool” version of a car but the math gets fuzzy for me when I really get into it