Diesel Chevrolet Cruze coming to U.S.


We have the official word straight from General Motors: A diesel Cruze is definitely coming to the United States. Unfortunately, we won’t see the oil-burning Cruze until sometime in 2013, likely as part of the car’s mid-cycle refresh.

As of this writing, GM has yet to confirm any powertrain details, though earlier rumors had suggested that a 2.0-liter engine with 147 horsepower and 235 pound-feet of torque could be the powerplant of choice. In Australia, though, under the hood of the Holden Cruze, the 2.0-liter diesel is good for 160 hp and 265 lb-ft.

Interesting to see if other automakers follow. (yes I am aware other companies already offer small car diesel offerings, but I am unaware of one from the big 3/toyota in the US)


somehow they’ll make it get only 28mpg.


That’s what I was thinking.


If it gets 28, it better be able to pull a 30 ft boat.
Since the gas ECO gets 42 hwy and they are saying the diesel will add to the fuel sipping lineup I would guess 50 is not out of line.

I wonder if a diesel generator Volt is in the cards?

Interesting comparison:

Honda Civic Hybrid takes on Chevrolet Cruze Eco and Volkswagen Jetta TDI



Isn’t VW the only company that offers a diesel passenger car in the US? At least a non-ass-expensive-luxury passenger car? (I’m guessing at least BMW or Mercedes has a diesel car…)


For cars:
Audi A3 TDI 2.0
BMW 335d
Mercedes-Benz E350 BlueTEC
Volkswagen Golf TDI
Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Some SUVs as well




Why are we (The US) so resistant to diesel powered vehicles, passenger cars?


You are prob right. After talking with a few owners overseas these motors have had a bunch of problems. Mostly fuel related but they are rather frequent.


Decades of diesel being “dirty”, only for tractor trailers, the ridiculous taxes, the availability of cheap (relatively) gas for so long, the USs ability to live with blinders on… need I go on?

And yes, when I saw this my first thought was also… how are they going to screw this up?
Even if it does come out in 2013 … it won’t be until the 2015 model I would even consider it so they can work out the bugs they’ll inevitably have for an already proven vehicle.

Wow, I’ve really lost that much faith in US auto makers.


Marketing, tax structures, abundance of oil resources over the last 50 years keeping fuel costs low (even now compared to the rest of the world). The US wasn’t as strapped for oil like Europe so the price of gasoline was low and affordable. Between low customer demand for diesel, clean enough technology and oil subsidies diesel was just not in the public eye as a method of transportation. I’m sure lobbying played a large role in this country…


Step in the right direction.


They are going to fuck this up so bad. Are they going to try to make an ecotec run on diesel like they did with the old toronados?


It is of its own design. It has been out over seas for several years already.


I realize that, I know it’s a Holden, it was a joke


The old Toronado diesels had a specific 5.7 block, not like a typical Olds or BOP block. And if maintained properly, they do run. Problem was, people treated them like gas engines, and the diesels back then needed different care.

That being said, I still get ~21-22 MPG around town in my diesel Cadillac, which isn’t bad for a 30-year-old car.


it’s ok we dont care i still get paid


Ward’s Auto reports that “sources” have confirmed the oil-burning Cruze will achieve a highway fuel economy rating “in the range of 50 miles per gallon”


I actually really hope this pans out. The cruze is one of the FEW cars GM is currently producing that doesnt make me gag to look at and I really have been wanting a reasonable priced economical deisel powered passenger sedan for a while now…


I almost hate to admit it, but I really like these things. A diesel Cruze would definitely help sway me into buying one for a DD.