can you find a full link for the Tucker Carlson / Elon Musk interview?

parts of it from rumble.

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Full interview in parts:

Fact check me harder daddy…


Changing to X at some point?

Yesterday i thought?

Oh, everything I have is still branded Twitter. I wasn’t sure when they’d roll it out


^^^ that was short lived, lol.

Also, sounds like there’s going to be a lawsuit on Monday against Media Matters for some fake shit:

Follows through:

X CEO Linda Yaccarino said in a statement that the X account used by Media Matters was the sole account that saw some of the ads next to the anti-Semitic posts from the report, the New York Times reported.

“If you know me, you know I’m committed to truth and fairness. Here’s the truth. Not a single authentic user on X saw IBM’s, Comcast’s, or Oracle’s ads next to the content in Media Matters’ article,” she said in a post on X.

“Only 2 users saw Apple’s ad next to the content, at least one of which was Media Matters. Data wins over manipulation or allegations. Don’t be manipulated. Stand with X.”



Yeah that was awesome

There was some news person on msnbc the other day interviewing/leg humping the CEO of media matters.

It was insanley biased on how bad Elon is and how they just use twitter like normal people do and did not have to fabricate images.

Was there ever a time where tv personalities could agree on something but still ask questions on behalf of the other side of the argument?

Considering there is a lawsuit, they shouldn’t be saying shit to the media but of course they are because of public perception. I’ll wait for the court findings.


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