Ladies and Gentlemen, The FnF3 effect and the jdm taxes are in full effect!!!

$13k… Thats retarded. I would buy a SW20 instead of that car any day of the week… for less money to.

Plus the steering wheel would be on the correct side of the car!

hilarious …but people who ask that much are only ASKING that much … doesnt mean they are going to get it … they just believe it is worth that much

Well they are wrong.

no i woudl totally buy that for 13k, hell i’d pay 20k for a JDM celica with ‘76k km’ on it. hahahhahahha :roll:
you could drift like mad yo

It’s … wide-fender-body …

wow, well expect to see it rise more and more

Stupid price… but hey if you could sell your car for double what you paid, wouldn’t you? I know I would.

And they accuse certain dealerships of inflating the price on a vehicle…but, if you really like it and you think it’s worth it what’s stoppin’ ya?

And if you are stupid enough not too look around for a better deal…

I say a big fuck you goes to all the flip floppers out there.

Get rich quick schemes are for scums.

Hurts the entire market from the sellers to buyers.

what about people who want to sell there car cause its time to start something new???

common, its time for a 180sx for me

Oh I have no problem with that. You buy a car, you drive it around and you enjoy it for a while than you want to sell it and move on to something else in life, it’s fine.

But this is an obvious quick flipflop job consideing he still is using the pictures from japan.

Thanks for the knocks Slide.

I posted it to help a friend out. He brought that car over with the intention of selling it, it’s only been here for a week or two. He gets the OOP and the first Canadian Regestration and crap out of the way for people so they don’t have to screw around with it.

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but what’s the point in starting a whole thread just to bitch about a price you don’t like?

cause this isn’t the classifieds. were allowed to bitch on here about stupid prices. like its a stock celica gt4. Those things sell for what, 300,000yen over there?? thats a pretty big flip if you ask me. but hey its not a car thats going to be sitting outside of my house forever because of the price.

check this out, was listed on beyond:


$12,000 for a stock 95 s14, like common 6 months ago you could buy these for $8500ish at the most. guess the nismo shift knob sure helps out.

that s 14 is a full load…12500 isnt bad for that considering by the pics it looks pretty mint.

Whatever works for you man.
I didn’t ask if you were allowed, I just asked what the point was?

Do you bitch at the 7-11 clerk about the price of your freakin slurpee too?
No, If you don’t want it, you don’t buy it.

I just don’t see the point of complaining about it that’s all, but whatever works for you, go for it.

who are you??? 13500 for a celica (let alone a bone stock celica) is wayyyyyyyyy fucking over priced

and i find the prices at 7-11 for slurpees to be comparible with macs and redimarts…if we were to do a comparison like that you could say would you still buy a slurpee at 7-11 for 10 dollars??? because i know i sure as hell wouldnt… :roll:

What do you mean what the point is ?! Did you not read my point or try to understand it ?! I am fully against quick flip floppers when it comes to jdm’s. I have seen many cases of it and usually I do not point it out but this is such an absurd case of it that I had to say something. As a person who puts his share of money through out the jdm cars/parts/entire market/economics, i hate flipfloppers because they ruin the market for everyone.

And yes, If I walked in to 7-11, got a 500mL slush, brough it to cash and it ringed for 15 dollars, I would let it rip to the cashier huge time.

You are right, your buddy is entitled to do anything he wants his money and his car, and I have my right to point out the shit he is trying to pull.

I repeat, I also have nothing against importing companies, you gotta do what you gotta do to get by and business is business but dont try to more than double your money on a stock 15 year old vehicle right after fast and furious 3. Please stop talking like we are morons who don’t know anything about market or prices. That price, is simply, insulting.