Unloading a car from a flatbed...

I’m looking for ideas, or maybe someone with a Flatbed truck or a trailer/ramps willing to assist. I have a car (88 325iX) that’s supposed to be coming this weekend that’s stuck on a Flatbed. The part of the flatbed that is supposed to do the unloading of the car is broken. Car is on a Mitsubishi Canter, roughly 40" off the ground.

Any input is appreciated, even if its just for the lulz…

Maybe find a loading dock somewhere that would work? I know I lived next to the county barns and they had a ramp for loading salt into trucks. I used to unload my 4 wheelers and dirt bikes there

Another flatbed… back it from one to another. If the driver didn’t think of that hire a different one next time.

back it up to a small hill?

this… I have done it before

That was the original idea, but a few guys in the area turned it down, and the one that did agree to help unload is not available this weekend. I should also include this is in Cheektowaga, if anyone is thinking of lending their services.

Thanks for the input so far guys.

unhook the car, drive really fast in reverse, slam on brakes

unload it onto a loading dock and have another flatbed get it off if they won’t go ass to mouth directly with another flatbed


If I am putting this together correctly, you paid someone to transport a car for you and they have a broken piece of equipment. I guess I fail to see why you are concerned, it is that guys issue to figure out.

How much are you willing to spend? I know people who can pick up heavy items. :slight_smile:
I also know people who can build ramps.

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My driveway has enough pitch, you could probably just drive it off. Lol

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I have already thought of 5 ways to unload this thing at my house Camel Trophy style. Lol

Any real man could build a ramp in less than an hour to get it down. That’s if you don’t have access to a loading dock or another flatbed.

I have a buddy with several flat beds. let me know if you need 1. PM me for details

find someone with a drive on 4 post lift, and back the truck up to it?

Which ever way you try this make sure that someone takes video…

This please!!