Upholstery and repair?

anyone have a “guy”

need a seat repaired and may need a set of seats recovered.

edit: or if someone here is handy with a sewing machine and wants to make a some loot and drink some beer…


I need repairs also

as do i…

arent you a girl?

dont you gave the sewing gene?

I have seen some nice work come out of Richards in Hamburg, he does alot of classic cars. I had a Corbeau seat repaired at Z-Best in OP. He did a decent job and cheap (cash). Z-best does some nice custom/muscle car stuff. Check them out.


lol… dont you be one to gave stupid thread?

Thanks Jeller… I think I’m going to take a stab at it myself when I magically become not lazy… if I fail, I will know where to go.

my shit isnt so bad. the stitching just came out of the leather. i think i might try pulling the cover off and just sewing it up.

the big thing i want to do is dye the leather black (currently grey). i have been doing a bunch of read on the web and it doesnt seem like its that big of a project.

dyeing is not that difficult… out of the car. I helped a friend do his Vette… but he re-dyed it red… so he basically darkened it.

what brand of dye did you guys use?

from what i have read, Leatherique was the product to use… but i dont know anyone with first hand experience with it.

I do not knwo off hand… his dad does paint/interior for a living… and I think he snagged it from work in an unmarkied container

Mosers does some great work. Really good. A little pricey though. They’re on Hinamn, near Elmwood.

Craig McDonnel is a guy who does everything upholstery in ATM Restyle on Camp in Hamburg. I believe it is the brother of the Z-best guy. I can get his email address for you. He stiffened the side bolsters in my neon auto-xer seats to feel like racing seats.

I’ve seen work done at “richards”, he does a lot of street rods and may be a bit more pricy then you want to pay. Try Harolds on Sheridan Dr, i know they do upholstry.

HUGE :tup: to Upholstery Unlimited at 4955 Broadway in Depew
Rick is the man with the plan

very good people

Just reviving this thread, I have some boat cushions that I want to get reupholstered. Anyone have any hook ups or suggestions on where to go? Maybe some more recent feedback?

Dave’s Trim Shop - Transit Road, Lockport 625-6155
He’s done work for me twice and does an excellent job for a good price.

I had an armrest recovered by Stitch in Tyme on Union Rd. last summer. Didn’t use foam. My elbow has a bone spur now. Take it for what it’s worth.

Didnt Harolds close like 5-6 years ago?

I second Dave. Good work, and quick turn around. :tup: :tup: :tup: