US/CAN $$ Exchange - Let's take advantage somehow


Found a truck. Time to get serious about this.


Exchange is creeping back up too.


Took advantage of this last weekend while in Ottawa. Got 4.5 liters of maple syrup for the price of 2 liters in the US.


After dropping for a good while it’s creeping back up again. :bounce:


hey boys…

the USD is back up over 1.35 to the CAD.

lots of talk that the bank of Canada will drop our interest rate while you guys are talking about raising yours… when the trump factor is added we should see 1.4 soon… maybe worse.

they’ve been tightening up our mortgage rules every quarter up here too… all good signs for a weakening cdn $…


Over 1.40 and I’m buying stuff in Canada despite the tax disadvantage.


i guess i need to start looking for crap to buy in GTA




but i dont know anyone in alberta :wink:


This could get interesting.


In case you are wondering…


Great, informative article. Thanks for sharing!


Keep in mind if you buy a vehicle with a warranty, the warranty is not valid in another country… if you care.


im sure even after you spell it out like that people will still fuck it up


Yup; I deal with this daily.



No cavity search, no care.



Every time I look for a motorcycle on Kijiji, I find 1 and about 500 stupid things somewhat related to it. I feel like I can never find anything on


Depends on the manufacturer. And it depends who you ask. I spoke with Land Rover and both US and CAN dealerships told me the warranty wouldn’t transfer, but the LR North America told me it would. They even told me they’d confirm and get me documentation, and I got a call back from a guy with a British accent saying it was all good :tup:


Ford and GM carry their warranties into the US. Only Chrsyler/dodge do not of the big 3.

however, new car dealers cannot export new vehicles to the US. vehicles can only be exported when they have been transferred into a new owner for 6 months and have 12,000kms on them.