Vantage Heating and Cooling Fall Specials!

Hello everyone!

 This is John with Vantage Heating and Cooling, some people on here may know that I do heating and air conditioning for a living.  Some of the members here I have done work for as well.  Well I finally opened up my own company, currently still working for one of the large HVAC/Mechanical Contractors in the area until my own business kicks off.

 We're licensed and insured, and open 24/7 for after hour emergency services, we specialize in residential and commercial heating and air conditioning.  I've personally done work (under my employer) for all the West Herr dealerships, Keyser Cadillac, Dunn Tires, people inc, community services, LA Fitness, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home goods, Homedepot and many other accounts for my current employer.  I've also done work for the residential division for my employer as well, so I'm very familiar with many different types of equipment.

Some of the types of equipment we’re familiar with:

  • Packaged Units (RTUs)
  • Boilers
  • Steam Boilers
  • Hydronic heating systems
  • Zone systems
  • Ductless split systems
  • Heatpumps
  • Water source heatpumps
  • Make Up Air Units
  • Energy Recovery Units
  • Hot water tanks
  • Residential furnaces and air conditioning systems(Forced air furnaces, and central air)
  • Automotive A/C
  • Radiant Tube heaters
  • Unit heaters
  • Oil burners(some)

Some of the services we provide are: repairs, maintenance, maintenance agreements, installs commercially and residentially.

We are currently running a fall special on furnace/boiler tune-ups

  • Furnaces tunes-ups - $54.99 plus tax. Furnaces with standard sized filters, (20x25x1), 20x20x1, 16x25x1, 16x20x1, 14x25x1, 14x20x1, (1"depth) filters are standard size), we would just have an additional charge for non-standard sized filters for just the cost of the filter. We can also do the tune-up and you take care of the filter change. When Scheduling an appointment, we will ask you for your filter size to make sure we have it with us ahead of time.

  • Boiler Tune-ups - $69.99 plus tax.

We do not have a higher price for repairs after business hours like most companies do, we’re here to serve the community!

Business phone #716-TWO ZERO NINE-3006 - it will forward to me personally.

I’m currently looking to setup a website but for now I setup a facebook page.

Thank you!


Congrats! im sure I will be calling you over the winter

Any experience with Viessman boilers?

I will need some business cards. I offer a lot of referrals based on inspections.

Yep, I’ve worked on a couple, they’re not that common but not an issue.

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I’m waiting on them to come in the mail, we appreciate referrals and have a referral program in the works that will kickback cash to people who provide referrals for service/repairs, basically anything that brings business our way.

I need to make an appointment for a tune up on my boiler. Out of town next week but back around the next, I’ll give you a shout later today

Best of luck :tup:

I have 10ish furnaces/boilers and hot water tanks.

I have a good HVAC guy already but I’m sure there will be a time he isn’t available and I’ll have something for you at some point.

We just published our website:

Used go daddy to create the page, pretty happy with the results.

Not sure if people have heard the radio ad yet but we are running an ad on 103.3 the edge for their live at 5 segment Monday -friday.

I also just joined Angies list and started advertising on there. It’s all based on reviews which hopefully as I take care of customers they will give me a review.

Does anyone use angies list for picking contractors for their home repairs/needs? I don’t personally know anyone that uses it but hopefully it doesn’t turn into a waste of money.

Sadly, I feel like any site that charges to be a member could be biased. I know people have to make money so it’s a catch 22 situation. Won’t be long till the BBB starts stalking you to join.

Yeah that’s basically the next one I need to get on. Hopefully the advertising works.

Angies List went free last year if I recall.

Before that I had a $20 three year subscription.

Yeah it’s free to be a member, but there is also a paid membership to get discounted services.

I just started advertising which just puts my name in the rotation on the front page of search results. I have a 10% off deal for angies list members I think the ones that are paid memberships though.

That said I don’t think any company would be cheaper than me when it comes to service, repairs and installation. High quality work, I’m just priced low because I want to get business and do work so I can grow my company. I also have low overhead so that helps save my customers money.

John stopped over my house Thursday night to give my furnace a once-over. It had given me some hesitation in turning on which was something that I was not sure whether to attribute to the thermostat or not. I wound up installing a nest this summer so at the first sign of hesitation with colder temps, I figured it would be a proactive thing to have it checked out. John spent about an hour looking it over and even gave me some suggestions on the A/C even though that was not the purpose of the service. Can’t beat the price for sure, so I’ll be certainly having him out again for the yearly inspection. Thanks again John! For what it’s worth, have not seen any hesitation from the furnace over the last couple days.

@livin4hockey thank you for the kind review. I appreciate your business and enjoyed talking with you while checking everything out. Im glad the furnace is no longer hesitating, and let me know if you ever need anything!

Hey guys,

John really helped me out today - I thought my boiler had given up the ghost and that I needed an emergency replacement. I had exhausted my skill level of troubleshooting on it. John was able to come over at nearly lightning speed (within an hour or so of when I called), quickly diagnosed and found the issue. He was able to source the replacement part came back to install it within 4 hours of the diagnosis. I’m now (almost) back to lounging in my boxers on the couch.

Now I get to plan the replacement, instead of having to do an emergency replacement on a very cold weekend in December. I’m planning on giving John the business for the overall replacement. :tup:

I’d definitely recommend giving him a shot if you haven’t already!


Thanks for the kind words jeff. It was nice meeting you and I appreciate the business! I’m glad I was able to locate the parts and get it going today!

Thanks again!

John came through for me today as well. got a call from my tenant this morning stating no heat. instead of going through the yellow page, i decided to give vantage a try. I was very satisfied with his service. He got it to work in no time and it runs efficiently now. The price was very reasonable, too.

Thanks Lee! I’m glad it was a simple fix, always happy to be able to get heat going in the same day, its not always possible. Thanks for the business, I appreciate it along with the kind words!