Vegas Shooting


Oh I am just getting started. :smiley:

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The shooting was 9 minutes and it took 11 minutes for the police. :smiley:

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You can see the devil hand sign in the lower left and the twin towers behind the stage and of course the Illuminati pyramid and obelisk is right across the street. (not in picture) :smiley:

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There was also a building lit up in purple light which is obviously an Illuminati color. Duh!


Re-heating my leftovers over an open flame right now since I threw out my disease causing microwave. Thanks wuc-news!


The CEO of MGM sold 80% of his shares at a time when they should have increased in value. What did he know?


Jason Aldean has a blackjack tattoo symbolizing Vegas, 10(Jack) 1(ace), and of course ace of spades = death.

VEGAS… 10-1… DEATH!!! :tinfoilhat:


thank goodness you are posting weird shit in here so that it makes me look normal.


George Soros shorted 42m in shares as well. Makes me think there was something else that was happening.

Where the FUCK did the security guard go?


I just heard that the authorities took people’s phones and deleted photos and videos. Checking on validity. …


The security guard reappeared and will be on Ellen. So sorry to disappoint the tinfoil hat crowd but his disappearance wasn’t the NWO/CIA but simply basic shopping his story for the best deal.


Thanks Saul Alinsky.


Mark Steyn just explained the situation with Ellen Dengeneris and MGM.



I guess this explains why it took the police so long. They were right outside his room but too scared to go in for over 17 minutes of footage released today of them hiding in the hall, then hiding in the stairwell. But yes, please continue to tell me why no one needs concealed carry because the police will protect you.


“Can you imagine if a crowd of 20,000 just started shooting guns blindly in the dark at a packed hotel?”


Not at all what I was suggesting.


Cops are human too, and self preservation is hard to overcome. I’d be interested to see if this can be placed on a lack of proper training or just human nature.


glad to see more media coming out about this.

jays i think your point is well made but I also understand why these cops would not want to walk into certain death themselves.