Vegas Shooting


It’s interesting how long it takes for them to release the info, I mean you know the first thing they would do is look at the surveillance foootage. So the purposely hold back info and only show what they want to.


Well, yeah…it’s an open homicide investigation.

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Eh, it’s an active and open investigation. Tons of moving parts and probably 5+ government agencies involved, all with various forms of investigations happening at once.

I thought The story sounded peculiar at first but the guy was clearly mentally ill. I mean, he told a hooker that 9/11 was an inside job.


I’ve been in TONS of hotel rooms and I’ve never found anything left by the previous person. Maybe we’ll find out what happens i guess.


It seems like the police should have known immediately that the security guy was shot. They usually have radios right? Did no one call 911 to say a security guy was shot on the 32 floor?


George Soros shorted 42 million dollars worth of Las Vegas MGM stock before the shooting happened. Can anyone with knowledge of the stock market verify if this is actually Shady or just a coincidence?




Idk its all over the internet. I did more reading and it seems like it’s a coincidence given the small amount of money involved (relative to his entire portfolio). If they were to be shady they would have invested heavy in the weapons market.


they prob tried to handle it internally first. casinos are really good at minimizing disturbance. many yrs back when a guy put a bullet in his head at a table in seneca, they sectioned it off for a few hrs and then backed in operation. i bet half the ppl went in that day didin’t even know it happened.


Now the alleged shooter’s house was “broken” in to?!?!?!?


And the "security guard either doesnt exist under the name given, doesnt have a security license (unlikely in a casino), or works for CSC concert security under a slightly different name.


Really? I haven’t been following anything lately. So now shits getting even more crazy?


Hugh Hefner just died and he had the same birthday as the shooter… Definitely Illuminati! :smiley:

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From the comments…

Room 135 531 backwards. 531 + 135 = 666

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video from Tucker Carlson

i wasnt paying attention to this over the past few days but man, seems things are not going well with this investigation.


546 injured… 5+4=9 5+6=11 9-11 :tinfoilhat:


yeah, stop it…lol

but this is getting weird.

is this a legit site:

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yeah… more… apparently 4 key witnesses now missing or dead.

nothing from the mainstream though



I suppose you believe that Robert Downey Jr said the shooting was an illuminati blood sacrifice too then? And that the Freemason’s created the US to advance the NWO? Because that’s a couple of their other headlines when you go back to the main page.

As for the girl, she had some serious health problems that I’m sure weren’t helped by the stress of this.

Also, better throw out your microwave if you honestly believe anything from wuc-news…


I’ve missed this site. Lol


lol i’m x-posting stuff that shows up in my feed… i had like 5 articles like this show up today… maybe i should stop clicking on them…lol


this is why we cant have nice things.

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did you know that 9/11 happens every year, right after 9/10? Thats some Illuminati shit right there. And, did you know that the sun was out that day? How did they figure out how to control the sun?

IDK about you guys but I’m digging a bunker. I don’t trust anyone.