Vegas Shooting


Dude was FBI and selling arms to ISIS in hopes of tracking where they go a la Fast and Furious failure. He used hotels near large events to help cover his comings and goings. Deal went bad in Vegas. ISIS killed him, committed the shooting and fled with undisclosed sums of money and firearms. How embarrassing!



This was a pretty decent one

  1. The woman warning the crowd was the accomplice, just backed out at the last minute.
  2. That was her order on the lunch bill.
  3. The second firing position was supposed to be her’s along with several of the rifles in the room.
  4. Room was in the girlfriend’s name to confuse police.
  5. There was a hole in the wall connecting that room with the one in his name.
  6. When LE shows up, the two of them go to the next room and come out acting innocent. Then they leave right out the front door of the hotel.
  7. When he realizes that she is not going through with the plan, he figures she is going talk about his escape plan. He shoots himself.


^ Way more plausible than some mind control/mkultra/post office/IRS/CIA sleeper being activated to… drum up some gun control I guess despite mass shootings not being able to pass new gun control even when the dems were in control theory.


The Dems couldn’t afford to lose one vote, obviously we are seeing that now because they found other ways to lose votes.


I don’t have the link at the moment but, I found a video that shows a strobe light on about the 4th floor earlier in the concert.
The other videos show it stopping and starting though. Maybe the curtains were blocking it. (?) Not sure why a strobe was going off though.

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It was on a Dan Bilzarian site. He wondered what it was on his video. He is definitely Illuminati though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Too many rumors are swirling around regarding the tragedy in Vegas from Sunday night. Let me start by dispelling with some of the questions floating around on the internet:
1. How did he get that many weapons into his room without being noticed?
A: With a luggage cart and ten suitcases over 3 days.
2. How did he fire off that many rounds without training?
A: A monkey can pull a trigger; and, who says he didn’t have practice?
3. How was he able to kill that many people in such a short time?
A: He had 11 minutes firing on near full-auto (using a bump fire device) into a crowd of people that had no idea where the fire was coming from.
4. Why did he have so many weapons?
A: First, he was a psychopath. Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said it best, “No Ma’am, I can’t get into the mind of a psychopath at this point.”
Second, he probably thought he would be there for an extended period of time and perhaps thought he would heat up one or more guns. Maybe he wasn’t good at changing magazines? Again, first answer is always a fit. Seriously, how can we apply reason to a psychopath?
5. How did he get his hands on fully automatic firearms?
A: Investigation has determined that he had bump fire or slide fire devices on 12 of his firearms, which make them sound like a full-auto and operate much like a full-auto. They are approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and are easily available (until now).
6. How was he able to remove a window with 800 pounds of hurricane glass without training? (I know, seriously, this was a question.)
A: With a hammer.
7. How did he get up 32 floors with 400 pounds of equipment?
A: With an elevator and luggage cart.
8. What about the sounds of gunfire coming from other directions?
A: It was an echo.
9. How does one man come to own $100K worth of weapons without being noticed?
A: He was rich. As far as what we know right now, all guns were purchased legally over a period of time from multiple vendors. Every dealer and serious collector at a gun show has that many or more, and they are not psychopathic mass murderer candidates.
10: How is it possible that he killed/injured so many in such a short time…without training?
A: He was able to fire uninhibited an unreported number of rounds into a massive crowd, where he couldn’t miss hitting something. When we know more, it is likely that many of the injuries were not from gunfire but from the panic that ensued. However, considering the rate of fire and the mass of the crowd, it wouldn’t be the least bit unreasonable to think that 50-70% of the bullets hit something.
11. What gun laws could have prevented this?
A: None. He had no criminal background.
12. What about laws preventing mentally ill people from getting firearms?
A: How does one accurately measure another’s current mental stability or future propensity to become a psychopath among the group of every potential firearm purchaser?
13. What about the unidentified and unverified woman who told the crowd that a lot of people were going to die?
Possible answers: 1. It is made up nonsense. 2. She was drunk.
14. What about the shots coming from other floors?
A. Echoes, reflections of other things, reflections of the shooter across multiple reflective surfaces (Las Vegas is mostly glass)…
Response questions: Where in these locations was glass broken? Where in these locations were reports of gunfire from adjacent rooms? (That’s how the shooter was quickly located.) How did these mysterious shooters so quickly police up all their brass and keep the fire alarms from going off with all the smoke?
15. How did the shooter manage to record a video of himself?
A. Ummmmm, I don’t know, a tripod?
Finally, some questions for the conspiracy theorists.
How do hundreds of law enforcement officers secretly conspire to cover up evidence in one of the nation’s worst modern massacres? What would be their motivation? Would conspiracy advocates be satisfied when they see video evidence of the shooter by himself committing the act and ending it by putting a gun in his mouth?
I could go on, but you get the picture. Please folks, stop with the conspiracy insanity and let the investigators do their jobs. Seriously, just stop.


This is a decent theory. Explains why they are being shady while still being probable. Not tin foil hat kind of stuff since its a known tactic.


While I agree with the view on sting operations ^ sometimes the simple answer is the right one. This guy was a nutjob.

I don’t get how the amount of weapons etc. is surprising. This guy was a millionaire . My uncle is dirt poor and within 10 years of coming to America collected around 7 rifles. A millionaire in Nevada? Even if guns were banned in the USA, for somebody like that, it’s not the least bit surprising.


Dan Bilzerashwhateverthefuckhisname is went full retard and tried to talk a LVMPD officer into handing over his rifle to “take the guy out”…

Fucking christ almighty, what a fag.


At least the Sheriff is finally admitting this guy was probably not a lone wolf.


I believe he changed his mind on that today.


I still say this guy could have been an arms dealer. He used his planes to move weapons. He gambled to launder money. His girl friend worked for a casino owned by Iranians. His brother totally changed his story and threw his brother under the bus after saying what a sweet man he was who knew nothing about guns.


Yea that was pretty impressive he said he didn’t know he owned guns and later said he helped him move gun safes or some bs.

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THe garage key thing is interesting. The cell phone charger not so much. Do you know how many times people forgot their cell charger when they leave a hotel?


Suites in Vegas usually have someone above cleaning staff check them over first.


Good point, its not just a regular room.

Also, did anyone see the 2nd video of his brother talking to the news, even his brother seems out of touch with reality.


The 30+ minute video of him in front of his house? I got through about half of it before I couldn’t watch anymore. Definitely out there.


Garage key thing: big brother saving the day. :wink:


His brother seems like a total wack job. Holy shnikeys! Seriously left wing nut job! Pathological.


So now the security guard was shot 6 minutes before the killer started shooting into the crowd?!?!? WTF?!?
So what happened in the next six minutes?
This whole story gets more screwed up as time goes on.