Vegas Shooting


Out of respect to the victims, it will be demolished/condemned or repurposed into something else.


There are other pictures of the guy out there but they keep showing that one.

Now some are saying he was an arms dealer. That might explain why he had so many different guns. Lol

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So now there are security lines to get into some hotels in Vegas. :eyeroll:
Would they be doing this if the alleged shooter flew one of his planes filled with his ammonium nitrate and tannerite into the crowd or fuel tanks next door?


Not sure what part of “MUH CONSPIRACY” the closed eye picture plays in your head, but here’s the hot linked images straight from the major news sites this morning:




USA Today:
They have lots of shooter stories on their main page but no picture of him at all, just first responders. A+ USA Today.

Their entire main site is Trump/Russia. What a fucking joke they are.

There are millions of people his age that there aren’t a lot of pictures of. Hell, my mom is one of them. Hates having her picture taken and despite being active on FB for years still has the grey silhouette picture as her profile.


He shot up the fuel tanks. Thank God we don’t have 25000 people cooked alive.

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I am not saying it is the only picture they show but it seems to be Fox News TV’s go to picture. No big deal really, I just find it odd.


Tannerite doesn’t burn. Wouldn’t explode on impact in a plane.


I am aware. Is there any way he could make tannerite explode/burn?


^That’s a question that ends up with someone talking to the FBI lol…


Put a blasting cap on it or shoot it with a high enough powered round. That’s about the only way. Good luck getting your hands on blasting caps without a license or a visit from the ATF.

I don’t think it would be hard to rig something using a single rifle round and a chopped up rifle to do it though. Add in a car door lock actuator and RC plane components and do it remotely from over a mile away. I guess this is the down side of watching too much Mythbusters and the rigs they build to safely fire guns remotely.

This is also why when I see people saying, “Oh he had to be trained” I don’t agree. He just had to be smart and able to do some research. The fact that he fired off a couple shots at a jet fuel tank tells me he wasn’t some CIA trained assassin. They’d definitely know jet fuel is far too stable to blow up just because you shoot a tank with a rifle round.


Looks like bump stocks are going to be illegal soon.


I feel safer already.


Curious if anyone here has a problem with it? I’m really far right and pro 2A but I honestly don’t care if bump stocks are banned. The only concern I have is the classic, “Give them an inch and they take a mile” problem of politics.


Im in the same boat.

Thankfully writing things on paper and making them not commercially available keeps people from making them in their basement too. Phew.


Banning seems pointless when I see homemade stuff like this…


Yep. I’m totally fine with modifying the existing auto weapons ban to include them… but we all know how this goes.


Some guy: Why do people need these things?

Some other guy: You don’t have to explain your need for rights…“Why did Rosa Parks need to sit in the front of the bus?”

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“They should ban drugs so people won’t do them.”

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What crazy person says, “I was going to kill dozens of people but I don’t want to violate that one gun law.”

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Maybe Trump should ban the media from reporting on mass murders for 7 days. All of these conflicting accounts of what happened are not really saving lives so what is the point.
Seriously… sort of.


Seems like no one really cared that much about bump stocks until this. Never used one but from what I gather they are fickle and horribly inaccurate.

Slipperly slope, yes… but I’m ok with the ban.


The worry is someone will slide in some amendment that does something else.

The other problem is a bump stock you’re still pulling the trigger so you’re going have to rewrite some current laws about machine guns


50lbs of tannerite being found in his car is an interesting revelation today. More interesting though is the fact that he got a room overlooking another music festival in Vegas last week and two rooms overlooking a concert in Chicago in August. Studying crowd movements maybe? They’re also saying he’s been living a secret life for decades. Makes you wonder how long he’s been planning this.


Also interesting they seemed to say he had originally planned to escape. Im curious as to whats on that yellow piece of paper. Its prob just a dickbutt drawing.

And about being under the radar apparently he tried to erect some crazy privacy screen at his one house that he paid like $325k in cash for.


He’s a patsy.