Vegas Shooting


hey i’m not that far off from where you guys are but i do still think the video evidence (flashing and the camera-operators’ reactions) is more compelling than you are acknowledging.


Any of you guys know if jet fuel will melt steel?




Will the airplane take off?


I heard that jet fuel gets hot enough to melt shards of glass back into whole windows.


What color is this dress?


It is not just flashes on windows, it is eye witnesses. There is a ton of weird shit that I have seen, I have not listed all of it on here.
You guys believe the MSM and FBI after we have just had a shit ton of proof how much they lie. I am the crazy one for looking for other sources? Whatever, sheep.
You can’t have a discussion? Is it because you already know everything so your mind is closed to any other possibilities?

Do you listen to your selves? Yeah that gun video is great BUT does it prove there could NOT be any other shooters?

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I hope you people are never on a jury. You have made up your mind at the start. A sure sign of intelligence.

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I don’t know if what I have seen is all true but you seem convinced of the lies you are told.


No broken glass, No falling glass, no shell casing, no reports of gun shots on another floor, no smoke in room that would set off smoke detector, entire building was gone through room by room…

Your smoking gun is a strobe light and gun noises outside in between several building…

Maybe there was multiple shoots in his room? My mind isn’t made up but people are stretching a bunch of BS based off flashing lights on a reflective window.

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Here have fun with this


Aren’t the windows in these places hurricane rated ? Or something of thr sorts ? I don’t see any glass on the ground jusy empty brass. I see a hammer but there is no way he smashed that window with a hammer. So did he remove a 800 lbs window?


This is pretty good also

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Hurricane rated in the desert?

Did you look at the pics of the windows blown out and not “removed” lol

I’m sure someone who considered putting cameras in a hallway to look for incoming police could figure out how to break a window?


Like I said I have seen other things, not just a strobe light. Like I also said I am not sure of what is true but there is nothing typical about this event. There is no history (that I have seen) that this guy is crazy or gun crazy. We are not being told everything for whatever reason. I don’t like the fact that they keep showing one picture of this guy over and over with his eyes closed. WTF is that?

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The media also said he was rich and bet up to $100 on one hand of poker. Sorry, I was literally LOLing.

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Some lady told them they would all die…




Except it’s not Volant Associates LLC (the gov’t contractors). It’s Volant LLC which is registered to a residential address belonging to an oncologist in Roanoke. Volant means “flying” in french. Not to mention N-Registration numbers get changed and switched around, quite frequently.

Move on, nothing to see here.


Yeah the link wasnt supposed to work. Thought it got deleted. Took me a few minutes to find the debunking posts.


I’m open minded and I agree that there are lies from the MSM, fbi. Also I agree with the one picture with his eyes closed I don’t understand how they could only find that picture of the guy for this long.


Eh, I have friends and co-workers that would be very hard to find a picture of them on the internet. Not out of the question for a retired 64 year old guy.


Why didn’t they use surveillance pictures, casinos have the best camera systems out there. He also was a regular spending a lot of money constantly.

It’s super odd to only have a picture with the guys eyes closed.


The media only had that picture because the dude is 64 and not on social media. It’s a cropped picture of him and his GF from her now deleted FB profile.


video tour of the room where the shooter was but from 1 year prior.


that must be a high-end suite, very similar to the penthouse suite at seneca. i don’t know who’s ever going to stay in that room again, it will be hunted forever.