Vin Check

Hey Guys,

Does anyone here have the nissan fast program? I need to replace my rear diff and the car is an s13 silvia it came stock with a CA18DE so im not sure if the diff is the same as a k series or not. If you can do a vin check please PM me


I think I have a carfax or two left on my monthly subscription - pm me.

FAST wont necessarily tell you that info

to my knowledge, CA equipped S13s were open diff… especially a J or a Q.

your best bet is to check it yourself:

jack up the rear of the car

spin one tire. if the other spins in the opposite direction it’s open. if it spins in the same direction it’s a vlsd.


Dump the clutch at redline! :smiley:

do a burn our on grass lol

I found out i have a 2 way. Thanks for the replies tho