Virginia Tech 101

I am interested to see as to how many people here actually have enough perspective to understand this kids reasoning and message.

Post up why you think he did this and what his message was.

Please save the dumb “he was nuts” explanations. That just says you have no clue.

I think the media is too fucking stupid to draw any significant conclusions from this or learn anything from it.

to be recognized… …attention… drama llama

and so the attention is taken away from the middle east… and now people will look at the chinese suspiciously. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, but with all those pics all I see is his marketability. I do see his face on a T-shirt in 5-15 years. Just like Charlie Manson is/was on T-shirts in the 90s (Axle Rose wearing one on stage). I really don’t have the energy to listen and buy into his reasoning right now, maybe someday I will objectively stand back and take a look at what he has to say, just not today.

Watched the live videos and the background stuff. He had a problem that was just never diagnosed. Several people complained about his actions and weirdness. I would guess the cominbation of lacking attention/wanting to make a stand/creating the type of talk that we are taking part in now is what he was after. I don’t think he actually had “reason” behind it other than so people will talk about him after his death. Its pretty nice to die knowing you’ll be remembered (even for shitty reasons).

Being remembered was only a small portion of it.
There are clues in the article. Ignore everything the media is speculating. Ignore the fact that he might have had mental issues (which I seriously doubt)

There was a very real reason for what he did.

can you pm me tha answer? im no good at riddles…

give it some time. I want to see how people here think.

I dont think there is a real reason. If you’d like to provide your insight have at it. Now that I think of the way the evidence is coming out, it makes me think who is working behind him and what they have for a motive. But who “they” are has the motive, that guy himself I dont think had anything to do with this “message” besides being the puppet of someone else.

that scares the hell out of me, can u imagine sitting 30 feet from the entrance to a 400 person lecture hall, the door opening and “that” standing there going nuts firing at anything that moved, 30 ft from the nearest person, i highly doubt anybody would be able to get close enough to him to do anything other than get shot trying…

so sad, so scary… subscribed since i want violators “interpretation”

EDIT: all pics came from stills out of a video he took… nm

There was no one else involved. He was a loner

I HIGHLY doubt that. I haven’t been really straining through all this evidence, but I do not belive he was a loner. What makes you think that?

Is there a transcript of the video somewhere?

because thats what all his teachers and peers said about him. No one really knew anything about him for that reason. Did you actually read any of the articles?

Yes like I said, he was crazy to begin with, everything HE did was for himself, If you can prove he has some master plan behind this I’d like to know. Yet I think he may have been in contact with someone or a group that tripped something in his head, his g/f breaks up with him, and he decides is time to prove whatever this new idea of his while getting revenge.

And no, i did not bold face read every article, just listened to the video on tv while threading. I could really care less about bringing all this attention to him. Hes dead, hes burning in hell, and sympathy goes out to those who died.

The amount of books I carry would have knocked him down if I flung it at him. But that is really easy to say behind a keyboard.

Thats the ignorant attitude that will let this happen again and again and again. This isnt the first school shooting and wont be the last unless people actually take the time to THINK instead of dismissing it as “oh well” “another nut ball” The next nut ball may mow down your kids.

You didnt even READ the articles and are making assumptions and theorizing blindly. Thats Pathetic.

edit: I dont mean to be personal and no disrespect intended but thats pretty bad.
Your outlook ties into that kids motives.

I don’t care if he thought he was doing something for some righteous reason, or to “show” more fortunate people that their lifestyles were what he viewed as gluttonous, wasteful, or whatever. He killed a lot of people who have contributed a lot more to society than he ever did or ever would have.

See, if everyone was the same, I would understand and we would be able to say “oh, he has the tell tale signs of blank

Everyone is different, with different problems. I am not going to join in the media monster and get suckered in with this shit. He had something wrong for whatever reason, someone may have manipulated his problem to get some point across, and 33 people died. Sorry if i feel my time is better spent than figuring out whatever hidden motives you seemed to have discovered.

So without hesitation, are you going to share with us yet?

so your saying he did it cuz he knew he was nuts wnated help and to make people in the future force people like him into gettin help?