On the way home last night on a 3-laner I was “spiritedly” whipping up the left lane when I see some eclipse tails… I slow and get next to him. Nice and ricey… just the way I like them. Bomex lip, T1 wing, looked like blitz skirts and rear bumper… big ol can on the back, stickers all over and some “boost inside” or something on the rear windows. Had a custom plate too… something like PUSHING POUNDS. I pace for a second… he gives it some gas and I hear boost + BOV. He pickes up the pace a bit in the right lane, and I follow right behind him. Traffic is almost clear as we make our way to the left lane and he gets on it. I downshift and follow suit… pass in the middle lane and pull a couple cars. We do a couple more pulls from like 50ish till 110 ish with the same result. At low speeds he was getting some tire spin… thats always cool. He gets off at the same exit as me so I get him to pull over and chit chat about our little game of chase.

He has an interior full of gauges, has fake harnesses (looked fake at least) looked to be a monitor in place of a radio, huge tach…
Under the hood… pace setter header, stock T-25, intake, and hard pipes. Said he also had a light weight flywheel and beefier clutch. Was red with dark wheels.

Guy was pretty cool. I told him about some of the local sites, and he lives right by me, so I’m sure I will see more of him.

If you see him and happen to get a chance to run it… probably a 95-100 trap car… and mid-high 13s depending on launch.


kill switch engage :tup:

is that one of the brian spilners? theres like a clan of them or something…

kinda sorta.

Car was red… so he was off a touch… but def rice to the extreme

think i seen that car in cheektavegas yesterday. did it have red tint also?

windows were down.

but probably

nice kill by the way

Jack’s taking down ricers one by one.


lol… I do my best.

Its about time I get some action…

Last night there was an 03ish vette with a chick driving it that wouldn’t run… and then what GTP and I thought was a newer F-Body coming up from behind us… but it was a probe. :tdown:

I love the mistaken identity thing, I can’t see shit in the dark, so it happens to me often. I’ll hurry to catch up to what I think is a fast car, and it winds up being a Hyundai :lol:


lol… it sucks.

im going to put my money on that car NOT being a high 13 second car on the t-25. very few have dipped into the 13s with the t-2slow.

oh and good kill :smiley:

He said he thought it was stock, but wasn’t sure. I figured it was a t-25.

@ 15psi he didn’t lose by too much, and I know i’m a touch quicker than high 13s :wink: so I used my guestimation of carlengths using my rearview mirrior and speedometer.

ok… second thought… I don’t think I downshifted… ever… during the races. I think I left it in 4th and just walked away. I still think a decent pilot could get a high 13 out of it… can’t be too hard right?

i’ve seen this car, I need to get tooned so I can pwn

I need tooning as well so we can have “THE VR4” and then “the other slower, less cool VR4”

good kill

13’s if hes lucky… jack you have to stop smoking all 4 tires mang :slight_smile:

i need 275s… so until these are gone… a smoking i will do. :wink:

I think you guys are right about the 13s part… I didn’t downshift… i suck