One of the interns I work with just told me about this site. Sort of succeeded UBRF or something like that, which I was familiar with. I was never on that site, only knew about it because a girl I was friends with was dating a guy you guys may know as Lafengas, back when he had 81 Monte with a built 350 and juice, among other things. He had showed me UBRF the one time I met him.

Anyhow, I’m new here but not new to forums so I’ll try not to be a dumbass. Back when I had my 93 Sentra (that I f’d with daily) I spent a lot of time on Nissanforums.com learning a ton about that car and cars in general. Now I know a decent amount and wish I had the funds to do a bunch of shit that I know how to do. :stuck_out_tongue: But I just graduated from UB with a mechanical engineering degree so I got student loans to pay, rent, etc. Soon though… Hopefully a magnaflow exhaust after I get my profit sharing check in December from my company…

Anyhow, this looks like a cool forum I’ll have to spend some time on when I’m not whipping up and down the 90 on my way between my job in Amherst and my apartment in West Seneca. Oh yeah, or spending “quality time” with my fiance. :beer2:Cheers!

Yo! howdy hi! welcome aboard, man! =)

Nice to see you here…and actually knowing that u know some people here…

anywho, still in the office…work on these few lines of codes which pissin’ me off, ROTFL…

oh btw, luckily there’s this forum that i can check out everytime im looking for a ‘light’ for my codes…LOL


Whose this Lafengas character you speak of? Ive never heard of them before? :gotme:

i dont know but he just farted stupid loud a room away and is laughing hysterically about it

his girlfriend is in agony

btw welcome :wave:

lafengas ? how would u even say that screenname ?


anyways … howdy !

welcome :wave:

B13 Sentras suck.

hhahahaha…poor jess…LOLOLOL

Hi hi

I dunno, for 1500 bucks and no problems I didn’t create on my own, my B13 served me quite well. B13’s are better than any other gen anyways, SE-R’s especially. There good cars to learn on.

If memory serves me correctly, it’s pronounced la-FEN-gus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the warm welcome everybody.

If you only knew :roll2: I have owned 8 Sentrs, 6 B13s, 4 of which were SE-Rs. Currentyl 1 SE-R on the road for the gf and another one is serving a higher purpose.

welcome aboard… i’m glad you found the site. So remind me who you were, i remember showing the ‘other’ forum to a few people.

Eh I think I only met you one time. I doubt if we’d recognize each other. I was a friend of Kim’s and one night you took me and a couple of my buddies out for a quick spin in the Monte. While you were showing off the line lock and such you were talking about how the Monte was just practice for a 55 step-side chevy or something like that. It was over in hadley a couple of years ago… Thanks again for the ride!

Status of said intern?

So, uhh, hows that goin for yah?

LOL. That was me.

Finished school, now looking for job…

new here?


so BikerFry hasn’t come back & killed you for having brought him to this particular layer of hell?

It’s the little spoken of 42nd circle of hell…

That’s a good question.

The Jim I knew back then != the moderator we know right now.

he’s still the same nice guy, though.