Myself and ImportMuscle have recently created a new forum, WNYTrucks.com. it is a forum for truck owners and enthusiasts in the WNY area. we got everything covered from performance, off-roading, mintrucks, lowriders, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, whatever. if you have a truck or are interested in trucks, come on over and sign up. if not, well, check us out anyway and let us know what you think!


ok … so let me get the local forum list straight


any im forgetting ? lol



but theyre on that free forumer stuff so they dont count.

I signed up but you guys need to fix the spelling errors on the site for reelz

Looks like a nice board once the membership grows.

I’ve signed up

wtf your not counting the toyota or nissan or honda trucks?

never signing up for that site

it’s nickel city euros now. dubsinthebuff was obviously too genre oriented. try to keep up with the local euro scene kthx.

We tried to tell them that

You wouldn’t be invited anyways you FormulaLS1 sack rider.

oh noes

wtf i am no god damn sherm sack ridder. just cuz i work with him. geeze why dont you get off my nuts

Dos would be the only one that could kill a toyota truck…hes the 1 in a million :stuck_out_tongue:

where was this a few weeks ago

wnydsm, roclife, buffaloscooby, and prolly another 5-6 WE don’t even know about. lol

I would sign up if it wasnt a Big 3 forum…I mean the old Big 3 LOL

lol… I was gonna say “can’t be a ‘Big 3’ forum, Toyota’s not invited… even though they are #2

1.)its for all trucks, even the imports

I <3 toyotas, they run forever :stuck_out_tongue:

2.) sites still in the progess phase, spelling errors are at the bottom of the list right now, but will be taken care of.

3.)Did i mention imports are welcome?

4.) This has been up and running for bout a month now, wanted to judge interest before we actually went public.

5.) we may be switching to v-bulletin if we get enough members. I already shelled out a decent chunk of dough for the server, so im not just gonna rush in and pay more for v-bulletin in the event that this flops.

6.) and if appeases the masses, we will change the logo to include the “New” big 3 :wink:

Dump the logo, other than that it’s cool. :slight_smile:

anybody who has a good idea for a logo, let us know. were working with limited resources here lol

a bunch of good people over on that site…lol… does that get me some browny points.lol. (myrusteds10)

lol. or me…if it can be destroyed…you bet your sweet ass I’ll crash it, blow it up’n watch it burn…as I crawl away blood soaked.