want to buy: cheap driveway stone (southtowns)

So as the title states I’m looking for some cheap driveway jagged stone for the very end of my driveway where it meets the road. The drive is a slight up hill slant soo it must have washed out where it meets the road … It dosen’t bother my truck but everyone with a lower car has been scraping .


do the neighbors have any?

look for road construction where they have alot of stone, shovel in truck at night win win :slight_smile: there are like 15 foot piles in springville where they are extending the 219

to be 100% honest… you could probably get ALL you want from ECC north…

That’s like five minutes from my house :cky:

Is stone that much money to risk getting busted by some cop cruising by, when you are shoveling state owned stone into the bed of your pickup?


Pretty positive the thread is titled wtb… So where should I go justinh

I’ll get it for ya. Just let me borrow a truck :slight_smile:

I have a highway department storage lot across the street and to the right of my house. Piles of stone everywhere. In the middle of nowhere and not a house in sight. Sooooo tempting to fill my driveway holes at midnight that way. In Hamburg we always went through Riefler’s for stone. They closed for a while but I think they’re back. Haven’t really paid attention. They’re on Camp rd at Elmview.

Honestly, call your highway department. Tell them you want to fill the end of the driveway. They may do it for you free of charge.

If not, ask them if you can by some from them. They always have tons of if left over from jobs. I have been working with Erie County on my back ditch. $1,000 to grade ditch, lay pipe (~20" dia x 15 ft), and 1 ton of stone for a back driveway. They told me if that is not enough to fill it is like $200 more for another 500 pounds.

You probably want something like crush and run if it is going to be used as a driveway. It can get expensive though. Go to that place on camp road, right by that junk yard and the old refler’s place.

Look up gravel pits in the yellow pages. You can fill the bed of your truck (as heavy as you dare) for about $25.

Seriously call the highway dept if it is at the road. They maintain the first 10 or 20 feet depending on the road. Is it a county, town or state road?

I have a pit in my back yard you can back a truck init and put it in your self … also call east otto highway dept or lincoln const. (all in east otto)… they have more then they know what to do with from the flood

I’m going to try calling the county first then if that fails ill hit you up for sure.

Where in east otto are you? PM if you’d like. I know my dad would love to come get some for the driveway at our cabin out there. We also have a couple front bucket loading tractors to help load the truck/trailer.

the end of my driveway had about 2 inch deep scraped out lower than the driveway from the plows. I called the Village and they came out and put down new blacktop at the end of the driveway free of charge. I just had to wait till they had a truck in my area.

If you have a bucket you can take a bunch … only if you put a load at my barn and in my driveway … lol … I have the pit but I have no way to get it where I need some

I sent you a Pm where my house is let me know