Was John Lennon Full of $hit?

I usually don’t make posts like this but I figured I would get the opinions of my fellow NYSpeed members…

Is love all you need? If you love someone and they love you back, does it matter about age, differences, locations, etc?? Does love prevail over everything? I would like to believe so but recent events have triggered my thoughts 180 degrees and have me second guessing…

Appreciate the input…

money is all you need. money CAN get you everything and anything you want. :tup: x’s 84734837438743.2322221


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for example…all the bitches Donny Trump gets, Cathrine Zeta-Jones and Mikey Boy Douglas or Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

Do you think any of those girls would even give those guys the time of day if it weren’t for their money/fame/fortune?


Ill tell you right now…if you can tell me everyone here wouldn’t be happy as hell/happier with a billion dollars, you can leave.

Maybe its just because I’m materialistic.

But as far as love goes… i don’t think age, differences, locations etc etc matters. If two people are sooo into each other than stupid little things don’t matter. Its not a matter of finding a perfect person, its finding the perfect person FOR YOU.

Why did you find a 13 year old boy, who prefers girls, in North Carolina? :slight_smile:

I fell in love with King Crab, then that pulled a 180 on me :tdown:

no there is much more than love.

love wears off after a while.

its like wearing the same running shoes forever. they are great, and supportive at first… then they get old worn out, and stinky.

Hhahaha… Cynicism has taken over… :wink:

hmm…i’d say the opinions will be difference depending on your family education…

my people back home always says…to be careful about love…that’s because loving somebody doesn’t to love one person, but to love the whole family of his/hers…

so, to answer your questions…yea…if i use my family’s background…then difference (especially race), age (too young/old) will definitely matter…

location probably won’t…cos’ it depends whether you can survice it or not…lol

you can be like one of our reps i met the other day. she is getting married to a man she has been dating for 2 years.

the catch?

he lives on the other side of the country. they have been in each others company less than 100 total days, and he has a kid she knows little to nothing about.

yea, thats gonna work out just fine :rolleyes:

good lord…that’s one funny way to explain it…lol :rofl:

I never cared for john lennon… I’m glad he is dead

i was just reading some things about him not too long ago online. not sure why.

Love will get you through rough patches but cannot fix a relationship that was doomed from the start. Learn to fall in love with someone you are at least somewhat compatible with or expect a lot of problems.

fuck buddies 4L.

Holy thread revival.

:lol: at depressed boobyscunt

I’ll depress you with a school bus when I drop it on your face! Yeah, what do you have to say about that, fatty mcfatterson?

So what, were you banging Mrs. Robinson back in the day and she broke your heart?


might help you out

It depends on the situation, but right now, love is all I need. But that’s because I’m a huge dork and I’m in love right now.

man. i don’t even remember posting on this thread.

feels really funny when i read my own posts…

I have been single for a few years at a time due to military life. I can say that it does suck being on your own. The flip side, is I have been with someone, and dirt broke, it does suck also. I think that in the end, if I had to pick between money or love, I’d totally go for the money. They say money problems are the number one reason for divorce, gotta tell ya something.