Wedding planning help

In October I proposed to my girlfriend and we are now planning the wedding. Well she is doing most of the work and I put in my $.02. We have a hall booked and now are looking into photographers and videographers. Does anyone know a reputable one that I can call? Any other help with anything else would be appreciated.

yeah thats what we’re looking for now.

Try Spikesblazin on here. He is a professional videographer and if he can’t help you, I’m sure that he will be able to point you in the right way.



There is a guy here at work who does a great job.

Here’s his website


I do wedding pictures. I’ll be posting up the last one I just shot shortly. The bride and groom just got the pictures. I didn’t want to post them without them seeing them first.

yeah, but you’re in florida

small prob

Price of the plane ticket is included in my pricing.

I’m in the same boat. We’ve been doing all of our planning. I proposed in October too.

I couldn’t stand the photographer at my wedding. I told him to leave about 8 minutes into the reception and didn’t get any of the pictures he took from the wedding. I can’t stand posing for pics and it irritated me, he was constantly telling everyone how to stand to get a nice shot. I had disposable camera’s on every table (which was great, the pics I have are priceless)and a couple of cousins had nice camers’s and I have some of those pics.

Sorry about your experience 77rednecktruck. I try and make the pictures go as quickly as possible but still capturing the moment.

Munster when are you planning on getting married?

Summer '08. Probably July. She’s finishing grad school first.

A guy from bridgeville did mine in october. Gave us a great rate and we got to keep all of the proofs on cd, which turned out to be 435 pics. Pictures were awesome and he came up with some great ideas for staging, without being pushy. All the pics from the reception were candids that he took. I’ll try to remember to post up his info when I get home from work.


Ed Reifer from Cranberry, he did my wedding and did an awesome job. he was pretty cheap, had us out to his house a few times to drink and invited us to his christmas party. i have his card at home if you can’t find it on google.

edit: 724.772.4534 Cranberry

we had family take the fancy pictures they turned out good, but seriously the best pictures we have are from the disposable cameras, we sat 2 on every table and had a box that people would put them in as they left a few ended up missing but they turned out awsome it also saved us a shit load, you get a lot more candid relaxed pictures, some of things you never want to see and alot of people get into it and think they are pro. trust me it goes so fast and you have to make your rounds take pictures etc etc, that those are the pictures you want because thats all the stuff you missed

you guys r ahead of my proposed in july and still dont have a date, she slammed with school, i think over her xmas break we r going to get some plans in stone.

That’s why we pushed ours to summer 08. So we don’t have to rush to get things done and she’s finishing grad school in May of 07.

I want to give all of you some advice that I was told and did not listen to.

I have been married 2 times…
My first wedding was the full blown formal “rainbow” color scheme… 300 guests… favors… DJ… the works. We ended up fighting amongst the families… I had an Ulcer… We spent a lot of money… Snotty people complained about all sorts of pointless things… It was an absolutely miserable experience… It cost way too much and completely consumed more than one year of my life. In the process of making all the plans, we forgot what the wedding was really about.

My second wedding was done completely different.
We didn’t tell anyone we were getting married. We invited everyone to a “family picnic”. It was much more relaxed. It didn’t cost a fortune. Everyone was surprised. Everyone was extremely happy. No one complained about a single thing. We kept the guest list shorter to only the folks who knew us well.

One of my friends got married in September. She was so stressed out before the wedding… she was standing outside crying immediately before walking down the isle. Is that what you brides want for your wedding day? Grooms is that what you want your bride doing on your wedding day. This same girl’s sister got married a few years ago, she had a very small, formal wedding that sonsisted of teh wedding and a sit down formal dinner, then everyone picked a bar and they went there. Her wedding was like 40 or 50 people. They kept it very simple and it was one of the most elegant and fun weddings I can remember.

Anyway… do what you want… it’s your wedding day… But all I’m trying to let you know is don’t be pushed into doing something you don’t want because someone says you can’t do that or because you think you owe soimething to someone. I personally recommend keeping it small. It’s more personal and a lot less stressful.