welded vlsd diff good vs bad job?

First let me start off saying that this is not my diff! And not my welding.
I had seen this on a fellow 240 owners facebook he decided to weld his s13 vsld diff. How well do u think think this is gonna work? And I’ve never seen anyone even try to weld a vlsd except this one idiot that failed completly but everyone else welds open diffs. Why exactly? Just curious

Unless you’re taking the diff apart there is not enough opening space to properly weld the spider gears on a VLSD.

On an open diff you don’t need to take apart the diff or remove it from the pumpkin…and the shear simplicity of an open diff.

Most people add shims to a vlsd to tighten it up. For a welded diff, an open diff is usually the starting point for the reasons Martino mentioned.

That being said, it is possible to weld a vlsd. Lots of guys in the uk weld their vlsds (check the driftworks forum).

I myself had my vlsd welded at centerline, and so far its been holding up fine in my r32.