Welding of the exhaust

Hello i have an atypical acid steel exhaust, how can i weld it? I don’t want to damage anything and I have to somehow connect the two pieces of the pipe, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Would something like this work?

Do you mean pickled steel? If so you either have to grind and clean or use the clamps like @Onyx_Z32 mentioned. I just used these same clamps on my truck with no leaks.

My VW had a similar clamp right from the factory. When it eventually failed I assumed the previous owner had hacked some repair but then I found out it was how the factory connected those two exhaust pipes. Figuring the first one lasted almost 100k in the salty NE I just slapped on another OEM one and forgot about it.

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Im currently at 125k on my GTI with the original still. I should replace it before next winter, b/c you know it will fail mid jan and i dont bring salty cars in the shop.