Well Whaddaya think of the new layout?

? :slight_smile:

ooOOooOOoo…i like it…

it’s different…but a good different

I like it…I like it alot

very nice, looks good man

it is nice to see something different than purple…LOL

i like it alot , gets a :tup: from me

I like it


I love it man !!!

I am still bothered by how much I have to scroll… is there any way to make all our info pack into one little section on the top of our posts? and have SMALL sigs?

Get a computer with a real screen resolution then you won’t have to scroll as much… :roll: :wink:

So far so good!

Are we going to have a sig size limit? Please say yes…

at least the size of mine…cause i reall don’t wanna re-size…

me rike

Yep. I think Skunk’s is about as big as it’s going to get.

I like it. :tup:

man im glad i rock high res, because otherwise i’d prolly kick skunk in the nuts next time i saw him


Good job on the color scheme, and it not being similar to ubrf’s cs anymore.

word the colors are pretty dope, clean looking