What did you do to your car today?

In my case not a damn thing.

Let’s see if you can beat me :cool

Go on…

I spent money on it. :wow

That never happens.

I beat on it

That always happens.

:lol :crackup

walked by it in the garage while I was getting duct tape… thats it

Might actually drive it…since it’s raining out.

Did she shead a tear that you never pay attention to her? :sad

Oh, and that goes for the two most recent posters above me…

left it in the rain, witht he new glossy paint i just put on it :idiots


I drove mine to class, which is where I am right now being bored as hell

*Waits for somebody to actually list a physical change to a car that was done :ninja

Made it go sidewayz on the wet roads :slight_smile:

Yay! Winner! :benny

Mine got rinsed off today, she was dustier than a chinchilla.

I sold mine… well technically not till saturday but w/e. The other one i just walked by in the garage, and the third one i haven’t seen in a bit :slight_smile:

i farted in mine

Almost hit it when I pulled the grill out of the garage last night.

i yanked the headlight switch cuz i had no headlights comin home from 'cuse sunday nite

I set my car back down for the first time in 3 months and drove it up and down my driveway,

Moved it out of the garage and into the rain. And spent another $3100 for parts I cant install for 2 months! Or use for 6 months! :excited

I may buy snow tires today too. Pretty lame. Puh-retty lame.