What did you do to your car today?


Started taking rear panels off and removing the heavy ass insulation/foam.Prepping for wire loom and minor undercoat to silence some vibrations!!!


in the last 4 days

one fuel pump hanger/sending unit assembly (fuck me that is way too expensive for a part like that, goddamn cherokee one is like 50 friggin dollars.)
two rotors
four shoes
one caliper
both front fenders
filled 30 holes in the bed sides and rails
got the stud gun out and pulled a big dent from the drivers bedside
filled the rust hole in the bottom of the bedside right in front of the left rear wheel
put an assload of bondo on it
sanded it for 2 days
shot some rustoleum gray on it
should be ready to put this pile back together tomorrow.
might wire wheel the wheels and hit them with some kind of color, i dont really know yet. maybe blue or something.
probably gonna slap some 2" blocks in the back of this pig and turn the torsions.


not interested


get the craftsman suicide sticks at sears, or if you want to save the headache just pull the old shock/spring assemblies and bring them and the new parts to a shop to have the new ones put together, or go get the remaining parts you need and have the new ones together and ready to throw in the minutes you get the old ones out. the install isnt hard, just looks complicated.


Honestly Id rather pay somebody to do this type of shit.

I just bought struts, no springs included.


Got the TL washed for the first time all Summer. I feel bad for neglecting it


you really should be doing shocks and springs up front, with 125k miles on the stock suspension i assure you the springs and shocks are more than worn out, throwing old, beat up springs on new shocks will just kill the shocks in no time, especially if its with a spacer lift. a real lift will a little bit more but will ride way better on road, and last a lot longer as well. do it right the first time and you’ll save a lot of aggrovation later on.


theyre leveling struts, no spacers and the springs are fine.


leveling struts incorporate spacers somewhere, either between the mounting plate and body or frame, or on the shock body between the spring perch and isolator, and i assure you the springs are toast, its nothing wrong with the vehicle or how its been taken care of, suspension components wear out over time, and 125k out of a stock suspension is good, you do it however you want but your shocks will wear out fast with worn out springs.


lol @ spending all this $ on suspension and not replacing the springs.


And most of the time the springs are broken lol. Silly ford and their bad springs


Lol springs on them things do brake a lot


Want to do the struts John?


Almost bought a fore sale sign as i came across a sweet deal on a c5 with no motor but didnt pull the trigger…Rather buy a house right now


Yesterday- drove it over 500 miles and got 18.89 mpg

Today- washed it


Removed the trim on the doors. I think it cleans it up a bit.


Just put a new A/C condenser in the Honda. Parts been in my back seat for over a month lol.


Stuffed my truck into a tree.




Zip tied wires in trunk more and added patches of dynomat over a few gromets and finished respraying the plastidip,