What did you do to your car today?


Yay for a wasted 10oz of refrigerant and a new condenser core on a truck you’re selling!


put yellow top in as well as rearview mirror and some more interior screws…


mine was always good for losing interior screws. Seems like all the holes enlarged over time and the screws fell out.


Soldered up a relay harness for the quad rounds so my inner lights actually function now. Ran a tach signal wire, and a 12v switched for the deck.


want to buy an Autotech 25? maybe 28mm adjustable rear swaybar? maybe a front upper tie bar?? or a 0 mile, 140mph/8k RPM tach? its a CE2 cluster. i have a few misc. items laying around that need a new home.


Im running a 140 cruise control cluster right now. And its so slammed i cant corner anyways lol.


Installed new rimz





Wow. They look money on there. Nice.


damn, i wish those came in a 6 lug.


A fwd offset VW wheel wouldn’t work on your Nissan anyway


okay well i wish i had the money to have a set of wheels like that made




Thanks for the compliments. I like my “ghetto” pie plates. :slight_smile:


Added maximum motorsports quadrant…Took shifter handle off to install angle one tomm.Also redid shifter boot to ring with locktite and new staples!!


replaced the rear shocks




Whats so funny? They were worn out and I bought new Bilstein rear shocks and front lift struts for the truck.

I need help with the struts though since I don’t have a strut compressor.


Checked the wiring on alternator and found a cracked wire in the 3g alt upgrade.All fixed and charging!!


Noticed it pulls to the left. Hard. Like angry lane change in 2 seconds if you let go of the wheel at 75 hard.


Put new coolant temp sending unit in while i cleaned garage…