What did you do to your car today?


Throwing money away like Donald Trump


Yeah, a whole $6.77 + tax. A-rab money.


You’re just ruining the ac system by doing that.


Tinted my tails and cargo light came out sweet.Didnt go full dark but more cherry coke…


Put carbon fiber mirrors, and rear lip on the 335.


Had the chip in the windshield repaired.


Swapped transmissions, replaced power steering line and pumo front seal


Watching the final countdown to 59K miles lol


Got flashpro all setup in the tls finally. Nice and smooth, really impressed with just the base tune.


Front pads/rotors on the Jetta. And I’m going to try and clean the threads in the hubs to save them later. Three lug studs for each axle right meow!


finally got the truck to do a burnout. a weak one, but it did it.


got my pioneer deh-80prs from fedex today, hopefully i’ll get to install it tonight.


Threw a euro front lip on the glx


Just dropped the black TL at Waynes. Form/Function coils coming off, A spec suspension going in. Bronze volks coming off, teal tls wheels going on.


Adjusted rear striker for trunk latch,cleaned windows…Made a parts repair/mods list and drove da fuq out hot rod


installed a diesel geek skid plate. Also took out the rear lower rubber piece that holds the spring in. I did this to lower the rear 1/4" more. Now i’m about even at 23.5-23.7" FTG.



put an ac belt on
retrieved a ~2 ounce broken steel weight from behind driver airbag
reconnected horn


Took rear spoiler off and reinstalled the stripped out pedastals with newer ones and added a mix if carbon fiber shards/epoxy so they will never strip out again!!


Put ice on the cam position sensor so it would start outside of wendy’s. :lol I should really replace that.


Spoiler on,trunk struts on,started replacing some interior screws with stainless!!