What did you do to your car today?


Uneven dirt road, full of holes and wet. rear end was playing tag with the headlights. Its fixable, but I’m gonna be paying for it. Liability only insurance.


Gotcha. Prolly not worth having collision anyway for the amount you’d be paying into it.


Strong work skid kid


pjb Is the truck lifted yet ?


No. I cant find anybody that will actually put the struts on without blowing me off for weeks at a time.

I just ordered tires tonight though.




:ponderhmm i work at capital district truck center. how about you come here and i do them:ponder


I wasn’t sure about a shop installing parts I brought in.

Do you mount tires as well? Mine will be here on monday and I need to get them on asap.


yep we mount and balance too. call the shop tomorrow to schedule an appointment. 347-3800


Headliner done gotta do some cleaning of interiors panels and removing the heavy ass padding behind them!!!


cool, thanks. Hopefully Ill get a chance at some point, being in a place where I cant use my phone all day sucks.


took all the fucked up/broken shit off. went back to the accident site and found my other headlight. completely intact, and it still works. unbelievable.


I thought $300 for installing struts and $89 for mounting tires was high as fuck.


:lol actually sounds damn cheap if that includes and alignment. I always find it funny that “car guys” think legit shops can afford to do shit for nothing. Does anybody realize how expensive a repair shop is to run?


alignment not included. Ive got a lifetime alignment at Firestone.

I paid $65 the last time I got tires mounted and balanced and that included getting rid of the old tires too.


The only places that are going to go near that price are crappy chain stores. Automotive service is one area where you really get what you pay for. If you want it done cheap take it to some hack place and have it done.



pjb, stop being a dolt.


I made an appointment at a shop for Tuesday for much less (about $140 less). Legit shop too.


300 for front install is a bit high seeing as I could do both struts in a hr , we get 15 a tire mounted and balanced . Tire disposal is 3 a tire , jellies if u answered your texts I would of bad your truck done today !


Not my car but buffed my fathers Camaro. This is the first time it’s been done since it was restored 26 years ago. Don’t mind my finger in the picture. We are in talks if stripping the car soon and respraying it. [ATTACH]25823[/ATTACH]