What did you do to your car today?


thought you already painted the nose?


I never got a text. The last text I got from you was on 8/9.

I would’ve had you do it but I hadn’t heard from you in over a week when you said you were looking into the tire deal.

Tires wont be here until Monday.


That camaro is boss


Thanks, pictures don’t do it justice. To me it’s in awesome shape for being 42 years old. Best part of it all it’s mine eventually




Split bumper camaros are right there with a 70 charger for my must own cars . The charger is my must have though


I did. But now he wants to paint the car the original color. which is this color with white stripes



his is an original 6 cyl car?


i know wrre theres one sitting but it probably snapped in half. if u want to restore one lmk ill send u in the right direction to find one


put tge bed on my truck renoved the tailgate and cleaned the floor. next is remove the decales and mount fuel cell


No, his is matching numbers z28. and its a 70 1/2.


Put the tranny in the 90 Lebaron convertible 3.0 thank god for tranny jacks :sleep:sleep:sleep . had to wrap it up, cordless impact is a little loud at 10pm in the driveway under the carport.


gorgeous car. one of my favorite cars hands down.

that is expensive imo. pjb pm me for info, my friend owns a tire distribution company. he may be able to mount and balance your tires for damn near nothing. its on route 20 tell him i sent you.


I just found a nice huge scrape in my trucks front bumper where some jerk off with a tow hitch that cant drive backed into me and took off in the parking lot. sweet.


I already have it at a shop in Pattersonville getting them put on along with the struts and new springs.


Dropped it off at Firestone for an alignment. I really like the looks of the level and tires on it.


Pictures dang nammit!




Holy fuck paulie is back on !!! Oh haiiiiiiii u Italian stallion


Looks pretty good!