What did you do to your car today?


Thanks. The pics kinda suck but they were the best I could get between the shop I picked it up at and Firestone where I dropped it off.

BTW the shop I took it to only charged $45 to mount and balance the tires, not $89 like another shop told me.


got everything back together on the convertible, topped all the fluids off just to find the damn thing is in limp mode, changing the tcm and tcs along with all the other sensors one by one tomorrow… shaking my head…


looks good jellie bean!!!




Spent 3 hrs cleanin my truck inside and out…Havent washed it since i bought its…Not my style need to step it up


I gotta do the same this weekend.


New expansion bottle in the Jetta. The never ending project. Big things planned for this weekend. Probably going to bail on all of them.


HAHA what’s up my brother?? Hope things have been well. I’m sure you’re still sexy as ever. Haven’t talked to ya in a very long time. Haven’t been on shift in much much longer…I still have your number if it’s the same as before I’ll shoot ya a text. I bet a lot of the people on here now don’t even know or remember who I am. (like this clown ass pitman character lol) I like it better that way lol.


I member you worked with my buddy Luke, and let him drive the vette. :lol


Whats sad is, I don’t even remember this… LOL

I’m a retard I always let people drive my shit, who cares it’s insured! Keys to the Vette “here ya go” keys to my Jag “here ya go” keys to my $25k Harley “here ya go” keys to my brand new $35k truck “here ya go” …I gotta stop doing that lol


I’m the same way. Generally I usually have a car Moines really interested in driving, so that’s probably for the better.


I cursed at one of my cars, didn’t even look at the other 2, then I cleaned the front half of the inside of the car, filthy animal… I need pipe cleaners for the vents. Oh and I need to take the bike out for a joy ride soon!


Started the integra for the first time. Everything went great !


watched my boost gauge hold at 27psi WOT 3,4,5… ok gas off:pop


changed the oil and washed it and vacuumed it. Need to do a full interior detail at some point, hopefully next week when Im off.


Showed it off in front my “home” bar


Picked up my car from the body shop today. :slight_smile:

I had him paint a couple of things while it was getting fixed for a door/quarter panel repair.

The original damage


Looks ill


Installed new fenders on the Jetta. Now I have to go dig the moldings/flares out of my basement to clean/install them.


Took the bike out. Winterized the boat and washed the dailys