What did you do to your car today?


Changed the oil.


Detailed it


plugged my tire


replaced the sway bar end links


made a list of shit i have to replace/fix/buy




Tried to start the scion. Haven’t driven it since may. Batter had plenty of juice it wouldn’t start. Tried to jump it, nothing. Pop started it…


started the subaru finally. driving it again is such a great feeling. but the damn tires flat spotted a little and vibrate now… gotta get them warmed up so they hopefully even out again


moved the fox and unloaded it if my old garage into my new one!!!


put the pathfinder grille and headlights in. holy shit i love having aimable headlights now.


put a tarp over it, needs a new top. damn convertible. thing is going in the barn till early spring, getting a new top and getting SOLD


Bought it a new steering wheel.


was yesterday, but bought it a hardtop.


polished the dash cluster lens cause I decided to wipe it with Mothers VLR and than it sat in the sun baking that sh*t in. been dealing with it for awhile. getting her clean for a easy sell.






Put the new mirror cover on because some ass hit me in the parking garage a week or so ago. 36 bucks for a damn piece of red plastic.


New rockers and cab corners on the truck… Had some rust start to bubble so I cut it out before it got bad!


Just scuffed one of my wheels at Wendys. :facepalm SSo angry at myself.


Developed a rod knock!
Well now I’m totally fucked.