What did you do to your car today?


Which wheels? Please don’t say the factory TL-S.


find one of the rice racer kids who is putting a 2.0 in their 280 and buy the 2.4 since its the same motor as a Hardbody truck


Black Rpf1 I just fucking got like a week ago. 17x9+35 so they stick out just a bit, and I forgot.


Damn that sucks man.


the problem is that the truck block and the car block are slightly different. the car is also front sump and the truck is rear sump. so unless i find either another truck motor, or get a beater for like 400 and yank this and put a new bottom end in it, im boned.


That’s y ya don’t beet on shit if ya can’t afford to fix it


What’d you do? Run it with no oil?


oil leak i didnt know about. i should’ve fucking known. it’s a KA, they all leak oil.
it still runs so im just gonna fucking send it till it pukes up a rod.


Stay off highways and keep the RPM’s low and you may get a while out if it.


How the fuck do people not know when shit is leaking from their vehicles? You fucking retarded?


use some heavy rotella oil also. limp it untill you et another engine. its not like there arent a million rotted hard bodys around. weres your fomoco blue ranger danger


Had Kenny (KKD Garage) install a remote starter for my new Subaru last night. As usual great work done by Kenny.



Got me a euro plate



Lol nice. Good impression of a moose in your shadow as well! :rofl


washed all the mud off it


Fixed the parking brake, installed new shocks, rotated the tires and got it inspected.

Also did front/rear brakes on a friends car.

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Beat the balls off it in front of Wayne’s house


Replaced power steering pump and serpentine belt.


had it t00ned. i didnt really give a fuck what numbers it put down. but everyone kept asking so i guess i should post results.



got jerked by hitting redline in first… hate that