What did you do to your car today?


dropped it off at the bodyshop


think I sold it, ill know Friday when he drops the deposit in my hand. Cash talks




yeah, getting it taken care of before it goes thru another winter. Should have it back Monday or Tuesday looking a lot better.




figured out my wiring issue with my dakota finally. now it can starf up again lol


Did a subaru impression leaving work. Rallytruckin’, because minitruckin’ is too easy.


Put it on the dyno since there was a deal going on. was aiming for more but this will do for now.https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/737240_10152077057463203_1583716048_o.jpg


So is that 302hp or 294hp? Either way not bad.


302hp - 296 torque


the green and yellow numbers were confusing me


picking up oil/filter and making a boost leak pressure tester- then executing. then experimenting


So a stage 3 S4 made only 30tq more than my 231,000 mile TDI… Dope


what stage is your tdi?



Stage 0, bro


That’s awesome. I love the torque my diesel puts down. If your TDI is AWD that’s even better. If not that’s different.




referring to the torque differences my two trucks have. completely different animals. (Gas vs diesel)

And awd reference to drive train loss.

I’m happy with the results in its current tune (Conservative/Reliable). I have to give it to the tuner too, it was tuned data logging street pulls lol.

Might put piggies and 3in exhaust in near future. Probly would help a lot :lol


holy shit, the magic transmission fixifier shit in a bottle that walmart sells actually works.
to an extent.


picked it up from the bodyshop.

I also removed the stickers from the rear window.