What did you do to your car today?


Looks good, when are you going to lift it and put bigger tires on?


44’s or bust.


Thanks. Its already got a 2" level and 285/70/17’s. Good enough for now. I might go bigger on the tires next time around but these only have 3k on them.


put my FREE cargo carrier on.


Get ready for increased gas consumption and wind noise up the wazoo.

Changed my oil and cleaned my MAF Sensor. Was gonna clean the TB too but it started to snow and I lost light due to starting at 4 in the afternoon.


1994 called, they want their luggage carrier back.



swapped the snows on



It should be illegal to drive on anything but snow tires when there is snow on the road. Bunch of BULL SHIT!!!


no doubt. the car came with some goodyear eagles and a warning card stating they have no grip below 40°F.

fuckin beast would blow the tires off in 3 gears before I swapped these on, now i can hammer in all but 1st gear :lol


Lol yup my kuhmos had zero traction through third in the cold too. Night and day with snows lol.


correct, shitty gas mileage. but, the baby stroller doesn’t take the space of the subwoofer anymore. so Ill take that!


Damn that thing must be fast.


I drove it in the snow. It’s my first LSD FWD car and I like it.


Big fan of them.


keep the car out of the woods and you’ll never get stuck


Woods are for skis.


Filled it up with scrap metal, emptied it and changed the oil


got it washed and realized that every bit of rust I had fixed a month ago is already bubbling thru the paint.


Fucking owned…drive that fucker through their front window


Who the hell did that ? Bring it to vintage at Curtis industrial man