What did you do to your car today?


I had a friend do it at his work as a side job. Ive seen his other work and it looked good. I got the truck back 11/12. Both sides are bubbling up.

I don’t think I could afford taking to Vintage.


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You can’t fix rust. Wire wheel + POR15 and paint to help slow it down or replace the whole panel and blend everything ($$$$) = just get a new truck instead.


Paul just drive your tundra.


When you pay somebody to repair it you expect it to be done right. It was supposed to have new metal put in.


Take it back


Im going to. I just noticed it this afternoon and didn’t get a chance to yet.


don’t have friends work on your shit cause this happens.


truthfully I cant seem to trust anybody working on my vehicles these days. Theres always some kind of issue and I always get fucked.




Did anybody else do anything to their car today? I don’t want to talk about this gay F150 and it’s shitty body panels rusting away.


i swapped in an air filter and drove around with my windows down listening to my turbo go pew pew pew

also put in some winter floor mats i got for christmas


bought an 05 caravan w 130 at the auction the other day for $800, thing is sweet as fuck lol, heated leather, dvd, mood lighting, electric doors, all seats go in the floor flush so you can use it as like a pick up… or if your me throw a matress on it and turn it into a bangbus… doing a little bodywork on the sucker and then throwing it for sale in hopes to make a pretty penny.


Minivans are pimpin


hey fucktard why don’t you put me on ignore instead of bitching like a little girl each time I make a post here?


tried to even out my choppy snow tires that are hard as rocks by blowing by a gold accord with a fart can, found out my turbo spool is louder then his shitty fart can too


Rust work is dirty and a pain in the ass. To fix it correctly (not knock and stuff with bondo) is VERY expensive. I wouldn’t have even “fixed” it without putting complete bed sides on. If im gonna put my name on it its gonna be done right, But your gonna pay for it friend or not.


plus rep to big red… rust repair is temporary… you want it gone especially with the shitty metal we have in todays market replace the bedside. you get what you pay for


Should have went with glass work unlimited pre runner flares