What did you do to your car today?


I didn’t expect it to last forever but a month and a half is way too quick to rust again. I expected around 2 years or so.

I thought about it but theyre not cheap and then Id need wider wheels and tires to fill them out.


maybe if you were in a area that didnt have alot of salt on the road it would have lasted that long but not in the north east…


x2 now its going to rust even faster :rofl


shit box ford f1fifty


really the metal wasn’t too bad and there weren’t any holes in it, just bubbles before (and after).


pjb, bring it to my shop in the future, my guys will not bondo, EVERYTHING we buy rusted is all repaired with new metal, even the shit boxes.


this is about as much as we cobb on a couple vehicles we didnt want to spend alot of time on, but with new metal regaurdless though.



crv color change we did lol… from black to imola red


First I’m going to see if he will make good on this and then go from there. New bed sides are around $500 each from Ford



Do it! Will never rust ever again


That’s for a 5.5’ bed supercrew unfortunately


paul give me your vin- Ill see how much they are my cost.

another alternative is maybe getting another rust free bed from a yard.


Pm sent. Ive looked for a bed but couldn’t find a clean white one and painting one + the cost would be more than the cost of replacing the panels.


Detailed a fellow member’s 2011 STi over the weekend. Great car, only thing holding me back from one is the engine reliability. I was reading mag reviews and C&D’s long termer blew up and needed a new engine :rofl Fuck that SHIT


got it inspected


finally got it back ! only took 10 months. smh


Proved that it can hang with a bmw x5 on the northway this morning