What kind of KM do you guys get per tank?

I think its just my driving habits cuz it seems like im getting crap mileage.

Full tank of 94 I only get like 425KM … just curious as to what others are getting?

on my SR i got 600+ on the highway, less when i am boosting alot.

on the KA i have in a beater i am driving, with 270km’s on the odo, on regular gas i am still getting 580 - 600km’s

i’m lucky if i’ll hit 450 in the cef on a full tank…think i got a tune up to do.

i got about 350km on just under half a tank

500-550 per tank in my 91 coupe.

450-550 depending on hwy travel or how i drive, probably more if pure highway.

I usually drive in the city (like 90% city driving) and I get about 450/tank on average…

but then again, my car is auto…

Yea, I’m in this latter group with poopy gas mileage, even though my car is stick. Go figure.

stock ka24de

~775 strictly all highway

~450 all city

not sure if its just me, but i find that sunoco 94 burns up faster than other brands. for example, i got about 450 to a tank of 94, vs 600 on a tank of petro 91. anyone else experience something similar?

i generally get great gas milage, oh wait, im a hardparker

^^^ That is correct, someone explained to me once why… I don’t recall though.

I get about 220km to the tank in the city and about 400 to the tank highway.

Though I have a Lead Foot and am Boost Adicted so that explains it.

I did make it to just outside of Northbay (660km on a tank of gas crusin not hitting boost)

about 500 combination hwy/city/leadfoot

i make it from whitby to windsor on one tank
so about 550, city is like 400

i usually find myself heading for a refill at ~450km, Starting from a full tank.

About 375-500km’s per tank for me depending. Ultra 94, lead foot till I hit 10 over…lol. So yeah, your car’s mileage is “fine”.

350 ish per tank, all city.

Also boost addict so…

I’m the same, about 375-425 all city on 91 for the KA. My Sr I am not to certain yet but seems to be about mid 350 all city on 94. Does anyone run 91 on an SR. I am running 9 PSI right now, everyting is pretty much stock. My work pays for my gas so I was curious if it would be okay. The best fuel I can get is 91 though and I have to go somewhere else and pay out of pocket for the 94 at sunoco.


I wish I could get 550-600+++ like some of you are posting, but I have never seen that before. Even my old car when I used to do highway was like 525 at best on fumes. I guess I just use the loud pedal to much.

Close to 450-500km

450kms if I’m having fun…600kms if I’m not.