What’s New, Car show’s, Meets...Adirondack nationals

Hey guys just trying to see what’s been going on? How many people still go on here, how many car shows still going on in the area? Any meets besides Mc Donald’s and if you guys want to set up a cruise for Adirondack Nationals come August or September? I know a good amount of people use to be on here back in the day but just trying to get a round about. Haven’t seen a lot of action on here in the past couple years… thanks!

Not this past weekend but the weekend before was a pretty sweet 3 day drift event at Lake Erie Speedway. The event’s keep growing in size, 150 drivers total for the weekend. Some really good drivers. (Amateur, not professional) However in July if I recall, Formula Drift is coming to Lake Erie Speedway for the first time.

Here is a link to my FB photo page which you can find photos from the drift event. (I was part of the media) I wasn’t able to link the actual album for some reason.

You can try this but no promises that they photos will come up.

@Onyx_Z32 and I have discussed doing some cruises out to the adirondacks since he has a lake house up there now.

i am restricted a bit. I can get into the US for work but i’d have issues coming back if i did a cruise/show so i’d be out for now.

but yes, i would like to relive my youth with my grown up hoodrat friends