Whats your Favorite Pizzeria in Hamburg NY

Ok just out of curisosty i have to know what everyones favorite pizzeria is in hamburg ny its driving me nutz… well tell me what you think…

poll to come

no one eats pizza in hamburg… wtf…

worsT poll ever

give it more than 35 minutes sizzle tits.

really? did you mean worst?

lol your threads suck more just karter, stop ripping on the noobie :slight_smile: (just kidding)
lol they call me bitch tits btw (its a ture fact)

something like that, I’m sorry I didn’t show up to your english class today.
Was kind of scared of this :touchy:

you mean the english class in the third grade?

anyway, OT: domino’s suck a big D.

dominos is awesome when u get the 5 for 5, you really cant beat it. its not the greatest piza, but its the best bang for the buck.

i would have to say blasdell pizza, but not in hamburg. i dont ever go there, i go to the one in springville, but im sure its the same. their barbecue/charbroiled wings are sooooooooooooooo goooood.

lol yea they do i remember i was with my friends at the octogon the one day and this kid with a land rover showed up and was like need some help wiring the system and the one kid goes ya so he proceds to tell me how he has a plastic turbo for his land rover and im thinking wow, he showed us and he’s like yea this thing see her bolt it right on here and blah blah, so he hooked it up to a battery and it didn’t work… so i look at it and its for a inflateable mattress,then he told me he worked at domino’s, oh and also he claims that red neon with the wing and rims has twin turbos… so my conclusion to this story is that the dumb guy that works there is fing dumb and there for that why there food sucks

you pretty much just guaranteed yourself a ban. good luck finding pizza.

word to that ^

why lol its a choice of pizza

oh yea the managers in “now” pizzeria are f*cking sexy you guys should check them out i bet newman could get the one :slight_smile:

aside from domino’s (because it’s a shitty chain) i’ve never heard of any of those places.

tops brand frozen pizza > this thread.

fixed it lol i guess i shouldn’t be so racial, my bad…

how do i add that???

dude, their chicken wing pizza is the shit too, i could eat those everyday if i had to.

never had it i guess its time to make a trip to tops… :slight_smile:

i was very skeptical at first…but Tops breakfast pizza = heavenly.

regular pizza crust/bread…but covered in cheddar, bits of bacon and sausage, and scrambled eggs.

fucking orgasmic. Tops realized that people want breakfast 24/7 and will eat it 24/7…so they made this so it seems at least a little more appropriate/justifiable in the morning…and OMG did they pull it off.