Pizza Thread

Where can I get a good pizza in WNY?

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This is Pizza Thread… talk pizza

la novas is decent, ninos is decent, i like pasquale’s too. I think cappellis is overrated though, same with pizza hut… Blasdell pizza is also pretty good. Rix is so so, same with picasso’s

bozannas in clarence or hamburg, do not pass go do not collect $250 go there and be prepared to ingest 18lbs of cheese.

i swear by Frankie’s in Lockport up by me. but there are many…

La Nova’s
Pizza Junction
Bocce Club
Pizza Plant
Just Pizza

im sure there are many more im forgetting

i knew i forgot some place: bocce’s

my tomato pie on sheridan mmmmmm.

Demarcos on Abbott. he is on the board.


Demarco’s is good (i work across the street ;)) personal pan w/ hot chicken fingers & pizza sauce highly recommended!
Santora’s on transit & clinton
Imperial on Abbott rd.

lol @ lanovas




in that plaza or the church :stuck_out_tongue:

Bocces is the only place you need

la porta’s

:tup: yum

yeah bocce rocks

i cant remember the last time i had bad pizza. piatzas is good if you have one a round you.

Please tell me you have had the triple crown pizza an Demarco’s. Bacon, chicken, steak, and 3 kinds of cheese. One of the greatest things I have ever tasted.

Fuck all this talk is making me want pizza, and howcome nobody has said Bella Pizza?? I love their pies. I am going there right now.

LaPizzeria on elmwood in kenmore.
Specialites and your basic stuff.

Never had a bad pie from them and have ordered from them at least 2x - 3x a month for 6 years

johns i think its called on niag falls blvd… next to the hsbc plaza.

francos is good too

Metro Pizza 920 Clinton in Buffalo or Pizza Shack(best Chicken finger pizza) Niagara Falls Blvd. Tonawanda (next to St. Christopher’s) my two favorite pizza places.

id say my favorite pizza places is


BIG SLICE!!! but thats in Toronto