Whats your Skills? Auto Repair

Im sitting here thinking and trying to figure out who I could use to get various things done on my Car. I dont like paying big chain stores and I love to be in on whats happening

Then i thought why dont we have a thread where you could find people like yourself that have something there good at Automotive Wise!LMAO

I know theres a few good welders on here
I know theres a few wire guys on here
And we all Build and mod our cars so if you dont mind helping one another post your skills and make some money in the process

If its posted in the wrong section move it.
If Its a bad idea oh well lol

I know I need a welder and a painter

And anyone I have a good dealing with will get referrals from me and I have a slight following…

i’m good at literally nothing.

Op is good at irony

/\ Wayne you’re good at… nm :ninja

Jackass of all trades. Welding; mig, tig, steel, stainless, aluminum. Have a plasma cutter so I can cut shit. Sand blaster big enough to fit a small adult inside it. I can paint anything I can fit through a door way and into my sealed off and vented room in my basement, autobody grade not rattle can junk. I can cut a truck in half and make a custom frame from scratch. Suspension pieces. Air bag stuff. Decent CAD design stuff. I get shit done, and if I cant I know someone who can help too.

/self whore post complete.

Photo Work

rust repair: smaller surface patches sandblasted and repainted
wiring: pretty much if you give me a diagram.of what im working with ill knock something out
basic maitnence
car audio: enclosure design, building etc install of subs apeakers amps and head units, wiring, almost have door panels perfected, as well as a reseller of a lot of car audio. always selling stuff
washing and detailing
pothole hitting champion

-offroad fabrication (custom chassis, suspension design, drivetrain swaps, solid axle swaps, custom steering, cages, etc…)

IT (software/hardware repair, etc)
Soldering (anything from harnesses to incredibly small surface mount IC’s)
Vehicle wiring (harnesses, stand-alone)
Tuning (Piggybacks, Crome, TurboEdit, HP Tuners, EFI live, etc)
Fuel systems (self-proclaimed E85 expert)
Car audio (enclosure design, wiring, general knowledge)
Pizza construction and cooking method expert
Human wikipedia due to severe ADD and OCD

Drunk driving


solid skill to have:Idiots

i can find literally anything you want on craigslist…aha

I’m the best at managing dysfunctional mechanics

Actually you’re right. Its a skill, until you crash. :rofl

dont get me started. I think DWI’s are bullshit (no i haven’t ever gotten one). this country needs more self accountability. If you suck at life and act like a retard, get sloshed and cant handle your actions, you go to jail and pay, that’s fine. For people that can drink socially responsibly, and control their actions/car/tractor/gas powered riding cooler without causing harm to anyone or yourself there is absolutely no reason you diverse to have your life turned upside down from a “DWI” charge.

/off topic rant over.

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fender rolling is about all i trust myself to do on others cars. know enough about most to work on my cars. or find a friend that knows how to do it.

Call 1-800-JOE-JIGS
Ask for Joe Jigs

then call 1-800-KrazKid to have it completed properly

jk. I never met the kid, or saw MUCH of his handy work directly… Just listen to the rumor mill on here. lol

I’m good at fucking up clutches and burning up tires.

Oh and eating.

That’s about it.

im good at detaiwing a wittle bit. i also enjoy long walks on the beach.