wheel fitment question

soim totally noob when it comes to fitment and what means what regarding wheels.

got a good loead on a set of rims i’de like. want to make sre they’l fit my s13.

they are 15 x 6.5 +43

thanks guys

anyone wanna give me a quick wheel/tire lesson.


thats more offset than stock actually… meaning the wheels will be more sunken into the wells than stock.

ideally on a 15 inch wheel you are going to want something around 30 lower…

many people on this board will try and tell u that unless your running 0 offset on a 15 inch wheel its crap, however for ease of use and simple fitting a 20 to 30 offset will be fine.

i personally run a 15x7 +11 offset and thats the lowest id wish to go without havin to modify the wheel arches.

the wheels u currently like would require a bit of a spacer to really give it the look id think you are hoping for… really a 15mm spacer would be fine for you…

hope that helps


thanks greg

tonnes of good info there for me

Yes the they will FIT, as long as they are 4x114.3 lug pattern, im not saying in anyway that they will fit well though. that size is incredibly weak, it’s approximatly the same size as our stock wheels, so thats how they will fit inside the fender; sunken.

if you want a wheel that will be more flush look for a wider width (obviously) or a MUCH lower offset, for that wheel to be flush you would need a offset at somewhere around a -15 offset. If you do not understand offset here is a pic that shows what it is and what the +'s and -'s mean

Normaly wheels for a RWD car have lower or negatiev offsets and for a FWD car will have offsets in the 40’s like those wheels, a perfectly flush wheel on an s13 would be somewhere around 9" +20, or 8" +0ish etc. but a good performing wheel would be something like 16 or 17x8 +25-30 imo.

so i would stay away from those and keep looking for something in better sizes, hope that helped

EDIT: Damn it greg :twisted:


yeah defeinately backed away from those

found a few others i was looking at.

one is 15 x 6.5 +30 (kei office)

another is 15 x 6.5 +25 (weds sport)

laslty looking at some (2) 16 x 8 +39 and (2) 16 x 6.5 +29 (ssr)

any opinions?