which phone to get

the motorola mpx-200
i love my tiny flip phone


the audiovox 4100
its big :frowning: but does cool things

both can be had for about 100 dollar

100 for a pda phone

id rock it.


oh wait im a tool… idrock the smaller one. unless you need the functionality of the largers one…

pda > me

i wish they made a cheap ppc for verizon

dont take cell phone advice from a guy whos phone is bigger than a laptop…

big dudes need big phones and big rubbers

and big women.

Tiny is always a very good attribute. But if you will be using the additional functionality of the larger phone, enough so that it makes having the larger phone worth while, go that route.

i am leaning towards the smaller one. unlocked, they are around 130, and i have found a 256mb/wifi sd card for it pretty cheap.

shit, i just noticed that it doesnt work on 850… and thats what cingular uses. i wonder how good the at&t coverage is out this way

If motorolla still uses the same crappy charger then definatly go with the other one.

Motorolla chargers are the most fickle piece of crap chargers on earth.


the charger is the last thing i am concerned with (i will replace it monthly… my cat will chew threw the cord)

cingular being mainly 850 is my concern

anyone have any luck using just a 1900 phone in western ny?

Just go verizon and never cry about bad service again

Their new ED815 or whatever (the sucessor to the v710) is amazing and SUPER HACKABLE

everything you can’t do (OBEX, file transfer, DUN over BT, blah blah) there is already hax for and work

my old mans verizon phone was the suck in the thousand islands this weekend, and my cingular phone was so awsome it made me poop.
and i will NOT spend more than 100-150 for the phone. so take your super new high tech phone and …

i could get the kyocera 7135, but it uses palm. and palm is ghey.

obviously you have never used a motorolla charger…seriously, it makes the phone not worth having…its never charged when you want it to be…it will start to charge and then stop and your phone will go dead…using the car charger is such a bitch I’m surprised I havent killed myself trying to get it to work…

I just hate them, sorry to ramble, get what you want.

but anyways, Verizon runs on 1900 CDMA networks and it works great in western ny. But if you go with cingular you will be on a GSM network…with their recent takeover of ATT wireless their network is fairly good nation wide (and it blows verizon away internationally). Im sure 800/850 will be fine, check coverage maps. Regardless, you will not have the coverage with GSM you would find with CDMA in upstate ny, it’s just a newer technology…

Don’t go 1900 only in buffalo. The AT&T is mainly 850 as well around here, so most of what you get around here is SOME AT&T, but mostly roaming on t-mobile. and t-mobile is the suck.

EDIT: If you’re going PDA phone have you considered anything with symbian? I’m currently using a nokia 6620, which the cheapest ive found it unlocked is $180 so its out of your range, but IMO its >>>>>>> windows mobile

return your used b33r cans/bottles and step up to a better phone

bah, i just fucking throw them out now. im too lazy to take them back.

MPX220 son… It might be a tad bit more loot, somewhere around 200+. With firmware 1.43 all the bugs have been addressed and fixed…

i was looking at that.

i am bidding on a 4100 right now though. i really really need the pda/outlook appointment sync and shit. i forget alot of shit.
i blame it on the 60’s

give me details

mainly, i need it to have the ability to network, and i really really really need to be able to sync with my outlook calander/tasks.

The motorola phones with windows mobile are ridiculously full of bugs…in fact, the MPX220’s were pulled right off the market because they were so bad. The new ones are supposedly fixed but anything coming from anyone other than motorola (cingular doesnt even sell them any more because they were so buggy.)

I have my phone with symbian set to sync with my outlook on my laptop every day at 4am via bluetooth…plus the app selection on symbian is way > that of windowsmobile

oh and www.howardforums.com is your friend.